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  1. Dimethyltryptamine (“DMT”) is a psychedelic drug that can cause intense entheogenic experiences with powerful visual and auditory hallucinations, the perception of a different passage of time, and the ability to experience experiences in different realities, as well as it is also produced in small amounts by the human body during normal metabolism.

    Simply put: we are not talking ” about traveling to other worlds/to the afterlife and so on, just “taking” these(and similar) substances into the body, the perception of the world is disturbed, logical thinking is “lost”.

  2. Hello! I had an experience of using dmt, it is difficult to describe because now when I write these lines I am in a state of my Self/Ego, during the dmt trip “I” went beyond my “I”(damn, how difficult it is to describe this experience using “I”), there were no worlds, only white light, all conflicting contradictions disappeared, “I”realized that I died as a person and became something more, it was a spiritual experience as if some kind of organization that underlies everything that exists. Thanks for your attention

  3. In Russia, only ethanol is an official and recommended narcotic drug. If you do not use ethanol, then you are not like everyone else, Russian society rejects you. If a Russian is social, he must be an ethanol addict.

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