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  1. The two simplest arguments against:

    First, a norm is a convention. The convention is established by the majority. If we are in the majority, then we are the norm.

    Second, if you see a wall and I don't see a wall, then one of us is right and the other is wrong. And it's easy to check – if you go through the wall , you're wrong. If you break your forehead , I'm wrong.�

    But these are too simple arguments and there are some nuances in them, which will have to be complicated. What characterizes a madman? Inadequacy. And what is inadequacy? Inconsistency of the surrounding reality. And what is the surrounding reality for a person? This is, first, the physical reality, and secondly, we are all, our existence. How does this discrepancy manifest itself? In the inability to lead a full life, and in the subjective, internal understanding of this fullness.

    What does this mean? For the second argument, this means that it doesn't matter if I see the wall or not, what you don't see is enough. Your bump on your forehead is sufficient evidence of your inadequacy, and I don't need to exist. That is, even if I also can't see the wall, the bump is still there.

    And for the first argument, this means that it does not turn into an apology for conformism, does not give the majority the right to peremptorily dictate what is the norm. If you can live a normal life, live it. If you can't, there's a reason. And if it's not because we beat you, harass you, or make fun of you, then it's because of you. Although if it is normal for you to kill people, then you are also to blame, we did not go into conflict with you, but we will have to.

  2. according to the law of hierarchy, the cured lunatics would be an order of magnitude higher and therefore would dominate over people. And they didn't allow me to put myself in a madhouse.
    Have you ever encountered people of this nature? You seem to judge them speculatively and idealistically. And I have seen people who occasionally sit on the “Igreni” – there are no signs of higher beings, on the contrary, all signs of “entropy”. Don't screw it up )

  3. Oh, this romanticization of mental disorders. I wonder why this is happening?

    Yes, because of the complexity of the brain, some disorders are difficult to identify. But if you talk to a schizophrenic patient, or look at their behavior, and then look at their brain activity, you will have no doubt that this is a disease – that is, a serious deviation from the norm.

    There are many other similar diseases. To call people with these various diseases crazy, to put it mildly, is not correct and greatly simplifies the real state of affairs.

  4. Initially, those who “loved pain, torture, and violence” were put in psychiatric hospitals… there they were satisfied with what they love 😉 it was possible to cure this only when the” creature”, which you see likes” dismemberment”, had its legs cut off, and was forced to do it on its own…

    Over time, this structure began to obey the “left-wing orders of the state authorities”, and objectionable people were sent not to prison, where there were prescribed terms for” exit”, but to a” mental hospital”.

    In general, a relic of the past, which we observe today, because if a person is violent – he is taken “for hooliganism”, while without the opportunity to “lie down with a pill and stings”…

    What have the “doctors” turned the world into, it is clear to everyone, they are trying to synthesize “diseases” themselves, but they do not treat “others”for them?

    I know a couple of girls, “whose cuckoo moved out”, tell interesting stories, for which they can “send to the address”, but at the same time call them “producers and let them grow up in a good society”, films will be made based on their stories:) �

    And it is really more interesting to communicate with them than with “chickens who only need money/money/money from you”… that's it, and what's in return? Fattened carcass “after the wedding”?)) Which does not allow you to live normally and constantly escalates the situation? Because of small things like, you forgot to buy toilet paper-today sleep in another room ))

    I mean, look who the doctors are – fat, obese, ugly, “creatures” who have gone against the very nature of nature, who just like to “cut and kill” good-natured creatures?

    And what happens in “orphanages”? I don't think I have to say anything… you try to raise such topics, they declare you a psycho, because “you have to move on” /”you will not change anything”… when you talk about the opposite, they try to push through “relatives” who are programmed on TV with “awesome stories about cops/thieves”:)

    The question is, why did you “spoil the cops”?

    They used to be like “Uncle Styopa”, but they became … who? By what?

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