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  1. at the beginning of the year, the school held a competition for research papers, one boy presented a paper in biology and gave a very interesting phrase: “if you crush a beetle, you can hear a crunch, the same crunch is made when you break a mushroom. “Chitin crunches when it breaks.”

    This may not be true, but children's thinking is exciting!

  2. Like any mother, she asked her 4-year-old daughter who she was friends with in kindergarten. “They stare at me, but they don't look at me with loving eyes. Here, who will look with loving eyes for that and I will marry. And that he should have a home, ” our daughter summed up our conversation.

  3. The younger brother said, looking at the cat running past in the apartment: “And the cat has a warm meat.” After all, really: a cat is just an impudent warm meat, beautifully wrapped in soft fur…

  4. Conversation with a fourth grader:�

    • What is sleep?�

    • This is when a person is tired for the day and go to bed to rest�

    • What is death?�

    • This is when a person is so tired that he does not have enough sleep to rest. And then he dies

  5. At the age of five, my son came up to me with absolute understanding and awareness of every word and said: “There is no magic, there is only an illusion…” And left. I just sat there… digest it… I may have heard it somewhere, but I said it very soulfully.

  6. In the program” Evening Urgant ” children were asked what love is. I also decided to ask this question to my 6-year-old son. He said, ” It's when one soul enters another soul.” Tears immediately welled up in my eyes at the surprise and depth of the response… And I realized how tightly my soul is really connected with the souls of my sons and my husband!

  7. a month after the second birth, I decided to try on a dress-I put it on,I stand flaunting myself in front of the mirror, my son was standing next to me(3.6 years old), looked at me and said: “mom, what are you, now a girl?” Well, I grinned, took off my dress, and again- ” mom, are you not a girl anymore? are you a mom again?” these words really touched me.I've been digesting it for almost a year now … how simple it all is, put on a dress and you're a girl. But I wonder what he associates his MOTHER with? “an evil, scheming aunt who spends her days cooking, cleaning, shouting, and scolding.. �hmmm..it is necessary to wear a dress more often))

  8. I once taught a science class in 2nd grade. We discussed the topic of human harm to nature. And according to the program, it was necessary to ask the children the question “What can we personally do?”. This is not an easy question for an 8-year-old child, and I probably expected any answers other than what I heard. First, only one girl raised her hand, and all the others assumed the appearance of thinkers, as is usually the case. Of course, I had to ask the same girl. And she tells me that “We should sew wings to butterflies!”. I couldn't answer her anything, I didn't understand what happened to me at that moment! But this answer sunk into my soul, and really inspired me to think deeply…

  9. She taught in the class where the brother and sister of Pogodka, aged 10 and 9, studied. My brother tells me that they also have an older sister and a little brother. They have four children in the family. I was surprised, because they are both very smart. I asked:

    • “Does it happen that you are jealous of your parents' little sister and little brother?”

    • “Of course, he's getting a lot of attention right now…. But I'm self-sufficient, I can pay attention to myself.”

    After that, I thought, sometimes we adults can't think like that. And in general, I have heard a lot of wise thoughts from children. And it even seems that they taught me more than I taught them)

  10. I installed an old – fashioned real-time strategy game on my mac-Dune 2, which I last played about twenty years ago. As my six-year-old daughter watched me deal with what is now a rather stupid AI, she said in frustration, ” The computer in Dune is as stupid as Siri.”

  11. I was sitting in a pancake shop with a colleague and his five-year-old son. We often have lunch in this pancake shop on weekdays.
    Colleague: They sprinkled sesame seeds on my pancake!
    Me: AI?
    Colleague: I order this pancake here every day and it used to be sesame-free.
    Me: Well, they probably did their best for a regular customer. Put in all your love!
    Colleague: Next time I'll ask for a standard
    Son: Without love?

    I also once saw a very indignant boy near the church, who shouted with conviction to his grandmother who was grumbling at him:
    “If you don't blow out the candle, it won't come true!”!!

  12. My mother told me that she had heard unusual sayings from me, so I will repeat them from her words. They were of various scales, starting with “What if I'm dreaming and I'm dreaming all this?” and ending with a sudden free retelling of the theory of the space-time continuum, when they tried to drive me to sleep.

  13. A cousin at 3 years old:

    “You know, it's so sad when children die. After all, they do not have time to see anything in the world at all. But there are so many interesting things in the world”�

    To say that we were very surprised – why not say

  14. almost all children think it's cool to be an adult and want to grow up as soon as possible… how naive and pure these creatures are! especially in their conclusions from beautiful young, not yet dusted with bitter experience bright heads..

  15. My son (5 years old) recently asked our fictional seal: “I hope you are going to have children? After all, for a woman, life without a child is like tea without sugar. And you seals probably drink tea with sugar and understand what this means…”

  16. My son, who is now 3 years old, asked me not to read him any more fairy tales. When I asked him why, he sighed heavily and replied: “Mom, all fairy tales are very sad, because they are not real”

  17. Recently, my four-year-old brother said, ” Chance conquers man.”�

    There's definitely something to it!�

    (And this is to dial 140)

  18. My nephew once asked me what the boomerang was designed for. I started thinking about it myself and asked my friends about it. Everyone was indignant


  19. Once, a friend of one of my friends told a story: At the age of 3 or 4, during a meal, he had such a dialogue with his mother:

    • Why do you eat so badly? If you eat well , you'll grow up big and strong, join the army, and protect me.

    • Join the army? But they can also kill you there.

    • Hm…

    And since then, as it seems to him, his mother began to cherish and protect all his sores, save piles of diagnoses and volumes of medical cards, changed her mind about giving him to the pool.

    By the age of 27, he was chronically underweight, had an unhealthy complexion, and had a military ID.

  20. When my daughter was 3 or 4 years old, we walked in the yard with my father and my son-the same age daughter, with whom we were familiar, as well as everyone in the yard for quite a long time.When the children had had enough of playing, Dad gallantly offered to walk us home, and here my child said ,” Well, all of them just want to play, but no one wants to go to the pope.” The law of life.(

  21. When I was living in New Jersey with an American family, I was asked to stay with a 5-year-old girl. So she said to me, ” I don't understand why people aren't interested in the right things.”

    I asked: “Why the wrong ones?”

    She replied: “People are not interested in life”�

    In general, she meant real life, nature and all that. I've been obsessed with it ever since.

  22. Nephew.

    In two (!) years. I'm asking:

    • Is my dress pretty?


    • Beautiful, beautiful… But what is it for? All the most important things are not in the things.

    At the age of three. I was learning to read and accidentally came across the word “burden” in Dostoevsky's book:

    • Why did he misspell the word “time”when he was supposed to be a smart person?

    I explain what “burden” means.

    • Interesting. I realized that people came up with almost identical words, so that one word flows into another and makes both words three-dimensional. The burden is a hard time. Time is always a burden.

    At four o'clock.

    • Why do people wear a cross?

    A brief introduction to the “history of religions” – from me.

    • So if I get shot with a gun, my mom will wear a gun around her neck? How silly she would look!

    Five o'clock. I happened to watch some political debates on TV.

    • Why is this uncle shouting so loudly? No one listens to him anyway. If he spoke softly, everyone would listen.

    Six o'clock. I found out that our friend is studying at the Faculty of Philosophy. He asks:

    • What are you doing there?”

    • I read books and then write about books.

    • It would be better if you just lived like this.

  23. My younger sister in deep childhood, thoughtfully looking at a boy of the same age who was hysterical in a store about buying a new toy, thoughtfully said:”He asks for love.”

  24. My niece was 4 at the time. I stood in front of the mirror and put on my makeup, and she looked at me for a long time, and then asked: “Why are you doing this?”

    I didn't know what to say. I asked her, ” Do you think I'm pretty enough?” And she said yes.

    When she's older, and if she thinks she's not pretty without makeup, I'll tell her the story.

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