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  1. In this formulation, I'm afraid, no. In 2021, the information landscape of our civilization is such that no concept, let alone a philosophical one, can shake “all intellectuals”, unless we define “intellectual” as “someone who was shocked by a specific philosophical concept X”, turning the shock (and therefore awareness of) this concept into a criterion of intellectuality, it is completely unclear on what grounds.

  2. I think that in the last three or five years, these are primarily various concepts related to the ecology of artificial intelligence, with how it is possible to create rules for artificial intelligence without simply turning it into an appendage of an imperfect and sometimes vicious human will, but also without allowing excessive independence. Here you can refer to the works of the Taiwanese philosopher Yuk Hui and the American philosopher of Iranian origin Reza Negarestani.

  3. What is the advertising slogan? This is in a cheap yellow ad someone is there, and “everyone” is shocked, amazed, shocked, etc.

    I personally was not shocked by any concept and will not be shocked – I am not a hysterical girl. And so do the vast majority of intellectuals.

    And there are plenty of” concepts”.

  4. The philosophical concept of ” quantum physics “is very” awesome “(the promise and promises of all sorts of miracles have not stopped for decades, and there is still no practical “exhaust”). After all, not only specialized physicists are shocked by it, but also everyday citizens who are far from the school physics course, and even in a religious environment, it shocks the minds of many “faithful”.

    Although of course it is not a coherent philosophical system, but a collection of different, but really amazing concepts and interpretations of different ones. It is a pity that philosophers did not think of this before physicists themselves (perhaps “metaphysics” again “blocked” access to philosophical minds, offended that they were carried away by the “analysis of language”, and her majesty “forgot” in the heat of passion?).

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