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  1. Luck, in general, does not exist. It is only our idea of the facts, decorated with circumstances to which we attach importance.
    This is roughly close to how we divide “good” and “bad” people.

    For example, a good person is walking down the street and a brick falls on his head from a cornice. There is no bad luck, no punishments for “sins”, no fate. But there is a fact of such a circumstance as corrosion or wear of the cornice and natural destruction.

    The universe doesn't care about this, because it exists only in our mind.
    And since this is only in us, then we should “fight” it only from within, or rather, by changing our ideas and (more importantly) expectations from the world around us.

    “I don't struggle with the problem. I change my thoughts, and the problem solves itself.”

  2. Lucky people are born, not made. Here it is also important to consider in what plan you are not lucky. Maybe in your personal life or with work or health. If there are problems with my work and I make some effort to find it but it is not there, then factors play a role here. Maybe in the city where you live it is unclaimed, of course, if you live in a village where cows are milked and drunk, and you have a diploma of art history in the village will not work. Definitely need to look for it in another city. Something terrible is learning, but there is no suitable job. If you are not lucky in love, then this is also an individual question. Maybe the environment is inappropriate, maybe something repels the opposite sex. In life, not everything depends on us, and we must be prepared for failures and overcome them. Don't give up.

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