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  1. Philology :):)

    But seriously, erudition is knowledge. But knowing and understanding are not the same thing. For example, you can learn to write correctly, but not be able to compose interestingly.

    There is a lot of knowledge in which there is nothing special to understand, just remember-I think this is banal erudition. Any knowledge that does not arouse the interest of its owner and/or its interlocutor. It depends on the depth of perception. Something banal for one person can become a discovery for another. Someone has a better memory and this is very useful, and someone is more gifted with the ability to analyze and compare and this is interesting. You can memorize, or you can understand and then forget if you are no longer interested :):) I have a magnet on my refrigerator that says: “I know a lot, but I don't remember much” 🙂 and this is about me, I admit, I'm not a polymath. In my defense, I will say that it is not difficult to remember what was once understood, but it is not easy to understand what was once misunderstood.

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