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  1. The mind is a complex system based on the transmission of information. There is no evidence that it is located anywhere other than in the brain. Injuries, exposure to a powerful magnetic field, quite material substances that affect it (for example, alcohol). In addition, there are areas in the brain whose activation leads to a signal that causes a feeling of floating over your body, but you can't see something that a person lying down didn't see.
    Now narrow AI systems are being created that are able to recognize text and speech, understand what is shown in the picture, and beat a person in chess (no simple computing power is enough for this). All this suggests that everything around us is limited to the material world, including consciousness.
    The question is, what do you mean by the subtle world?

  2. Everything is consciousness.There are individual consciousnesses,but only about the universal, omnipresent one.The consciousnesses are in one big consciousness.And they move from place to place without losing their efficiency. As if teleporting in the universal consciousness. This is difficult to immediately realize but after thinking about it it is possible

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