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  1. From the point of view of subjective idealism (also known as solipsism), absolutely everything that happens and all our actions are just an illusion created by our consciousness, only what we imagine ourselves. In the world of subjective idealism, the only thing you can comprehend and say with confidence, “Yes, it exists” is your consciousness. Starting from the idea of the existence of only consciousness, you create your own idea of the world. By refraining from talking about anything real or physical (something you don't know about), you know what it looks like in your world. According to subjective idealism, your body is just your idea of it, the fruit of your consciousness. You've come up with the idea that you have two arms, two legs, and one head. Imagine that you hit your imaginary (or maybe not) foot. Go to the doctor. Your pain is similar to what is known in medicine as phantom pain, such as when a person has an amputated arm in pain. But in your mind you are sure that only after visiting the doctor (again imaginary) your leg will stop hurting.

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