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  1. Despair is a category that denotes a complete rejection of hopes and expectations (“despair”). Hopeless, but with a more distinct subjective element. The situation may be objectively hopeless, but despair is rather a state of consciousness that has reached the point of thinking that any hopes are futile. Perhaps the most profound development of this concept is found in Kierkegaard and Lev Shestov. For both of them, despair is also an important part of becoming a person, accepting yourself and giving up saving illusions.

  2. Despair, this is not when it is bad, but when you understand that it will only get worse and there is no way out and nothing can be corrected and you understand that it is your own fault. That's what happens in hell.

  3. Despair is sadness, hopelessness. And it's also when you realize that everything can't be fixed. Well in a word it's hopelessness and it doesn't matter to anyone else 5

  4. In simple terms, this is an all-consuming negative emotion that appears after a feeling of powerlessness, you can even say that this is its second phase. For example, the death of a loved one in front of their own eyes, etc. And if you do not get rid of despair, it may well turn the most sane person on the planet into an irrational madman. This is what makes people feel helpless and useless.

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