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  1. Gnostics claim that the world is knowable. Agnostics and atheists believe, on the contrary, that there are no external factors that are knowable. Everything is a product of human activity.

  2. Well, these words have something in common, these are all terms built on the basis of Greek words.

    Gnosticism, and agnosticism – from the word gnosis-knowledge.

    The Gnostics were a doctrine of secret “knowledge” that was revealed according to the degree of initiation. The direct descendants and followers of the Gnostics are modern esotericists and other “initiates”. The method of gradual immersion in the teaching, depending on the degrees accompanied by the transition from degree to degree, many sects are engaged in rituals.

    Agnostics-the preposition a-in Greek means negation, that is, if Gnostics are “knowing”, then Agnostics are not knowing. These are people who are undecided in their beliefs about the existence of God, religions and everything else. Whether there is a God, whether there is no God, the agnostic answers, ” I do not know.”

    Atheists are again a-theists, i.e. non-theists. Theist-from the word Theos – God in Greek. That is, those angels – those who are “God's” – “For God.” That is, they are believers in God, and atheists-respectively, deny the existence of God.

    Something like that.

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