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  1. All living things on Earth must be reduced to one, because all living things are the universal of the Twofold Triune Absolute Spirit AMG + GJ = AMGAJG, that is, the common denominator of all living things is GOD. Another formulation of the question is impossible, because it would result in a bad infinity.

  2. Everything in the world is built on hierarchy and order. The philosopher asks whether God is needed to order the world and man's place in it. Structuring the mind provides an unambiguous answer: THERE IS A GOD, BECAUSE WITHOUT HIM THE WORLD CANNOT BE EXPLAINED.

  3. God is the Supreme Intelligence that created space and time, the material world and the immaterial, biological life and our tiny human mind based on it. It is quite possible that he manages all this, as is believed in religions, but most likely he also created a manager for himself and most likely not one. Well, the laws of course, according to which all the movement in the universe takes place, but which we still do not know everything. I limited the speed of light, set the gravitational constant, set the electron charge, and so on and so forth.

  4. God is the Supreme Intelligence that created our reality.

    If outside of religion, then you can compare it with IT .

    God, like the programmer with his word (and the programmer creates it with the word) creates the laws of a new reality in which everything appears.

    And for someone who is created in this new reality, who is part of it, just as a person is part of our reality, the reality of the creator, programmer or God is inaccessible to comprehension, because both the programmer and God create the laws of the new reality that do not inherit the laws of their reality, i.e. the creating reality disappears for the created one.

    It is impossible to get out of the created reality into the creating one, just as it is impossible to jump out of the monitor and onto the programmer's desk.

    In both God and the programmer, their creations can only believe.

    As you can see – quite a rational explanation, without cassocks and censers, and most importantly, verified by experience.

  5. If not from the point of view of religion, then God can be compared to a character in a fairy tale or a science fiction novel, but some people believe in his existence. In mythology, there are many examples of non – existent popular characters-Santa Claus, Koshchei the immortal, Baba Yaga, etc.

  6. And then from which side ??? Let's say there is no God at all on the part of atheists … From my cat's side, I do not know … From what side can we consider God, who in himself is and can only be an object of faith or some kind of religion … You can certainly consider God from the point of view of faith in him… Well, then, God is the caring father of all mankind, of course, a perfect Mind and an example to follow..

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