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  1. The simplest common cultural definition is the Creator and Boss of everything in the universe.

    On Earth, there are a huge number of everywhere and everywhere-Superiors-who decide the fate of the pawns of life. This is the general concept of life and science.

  2. To put it briefly.

    GOD is not an entity, GOD is a part of the body, namely, a Large Common Head in which the Mind is stored. Big -because the size of the universe. Common -because it is the same for everyone living on Earth. The head -because the Mind should be in the Head, and not in another part of the body. And how to dispose of this Mind, a person must decide for himself.

  3. God can be understood as something like the “One”, a single creator who created everything, or who encompasses everything, or the absolute, or the Truth , etc.

    Or-just some physical or metaphysical force, energy, etc., not endowed with subjectivity, being an IMPERSONAL FORCE.

    Or-the result of satisfying human needs. Shyly concealed)

  4. The answer to this question will someday be given by scientists when they deal with the question of where and how thoughts are formed in humans. But this is a question of the future, and in the present you can only make assumptions.

    And one of the suggestions I want to suggest is that the Essence of God may be the absence of any essence, or absolute emptiness in the light stream. I will try to explain this extravagant statement more or less logically.

    It is known that the wave structure of light consists of photons. This is known from the school curriculum. And what is in between the photons?. Scientists have no answer to this question. Therefore, we assume that there is nothing between the photons. – The void. And it is possible that it is the voids in the magnetic field that create Light from this magnetic field.

    Now, the following assumption. — What if these voids in the light stream are not randomly located, but have a reasonable perforation and carry information in some chosen frequency. And this intelligently perforated Light is itself the heavenly Mind. And Jesus Christ somewhere in the Bible says that His Father is in himself.

    Based on the above assumptions, we can make the following assumption that we live in a reasonable light environment, which is created by a reasonably perforated light stream, the wave structure of which carries information in a certain frequency of light waves.

    Now let's drop the word “information “and use the word”image”. Since a reasonable light field can carry Images of everything that exists, including the Image of God himself, who prepared for man the Image of his thinking in His Own Image and Likeness. And a person thinks in words. And so the image of human thinking is the Word.

    The world was created in the Image created by God. He rested in this world. I became one with him. It is omnipresent. With his blessing, a person creates his own images in his thoughts and fills them with material content. Therefore, we can make the following assumption. “The word GOD may be an abbreviation, meaning-The Blessed Imaginative Dominion of the Material Inversion of the Mind. That is, the abbreviation WORLD can mean that the world is the result of a Material Inversion of the Mind. And first the Image of this world was created. And God, perhaps, like man, thinks in words. Therefore, ” In the beginning was the Word.

  5. The perfect supermind, the Creator of all things, the source of good. He created us and gave us the freedom of choice to develop to his level. Waiting for us to choose the good and reject the evil.

  6. God or Spirit-Consciousness, realizing himself as an Object of three-dimensional space of the realm of Mind of the Spirit-Consciousness or Word inflating in the infinity of time, by means of the Word that God had, in the image and likeness of his world, created a Singularity or Universe and in the image and likeness of Man on Earth in order to know himself, the laws of being and the world in general.

  7. Since I am communicating with God, my understanding of God will be slightly different. I said a little, that is, we have a largely common concept, since we have identical minds, so our thinking basically works the same way. Our thinking is mostly cliched and formed on the same principles: we transmit the same information to each other, although we are not the same, but even different! This is the Creator's idea! Therefore, we will never, I emphasize, never, be able to come to the same opinion, as well as to agree, that is, to a beautiful Tomorrow! But we will always strive for this, it is inherent in our genes, not in programs! At the same time, the programs for everyone are different, you all observe this, that is, those who support Christianity will not prove to you that Buddhism is closer to God! Just as it is absurd for a scientist to say that the cosmos does not exist, and a psychologist is sure that his thinking is higher than yours, since it is justified by the knowledge that he has? It is difficult for a psychologist to imagine that I can answer because it is important for him that my answers confirm his predictions? Let's go back to God, I'm not a philologist and therefore I do not know the definition of the word God? As for the essence, that's what God calls us. or rather, how we express our souls! Meaning an entity as a base, a framework, not to be confused with a skeleton? Because an entity can be described in one definition: It exists! and that's it! Another definition would be false! Incarnation in a human or in any other creation of the Creator is a translation or introduction of the essence into the body! the so-called incarnation, that is, translation into the flesh! God himself denies his essence, insisting on the disembodied nature of his presence, and not of his existence? It probably looks like ether, or information that doesn't exist until you've labeled it! I think this is understandable! As long as we haven't recorded the information , it doesn't exist! And when recorded, then it exists in those media that are recorded! That is, God is everywhere and in everything, as the unmanifested information that we manifest, and the Creator is manifested! Not much is difficult, but gradually someone realizes? More than that, I was informed that I couldn't understand! Although here I will make a reservation ! I can't, can I? But no one told me that we can't understand? And when communicating with the Creator, I can assure you: No restrictions have been made for a person? neither in the field of science, nor in the field of religion! The Infinite God can't limit us in any way? Therefore, the Creator will not restrict me to share the information I received with you, although not many people will understand it, and this turns me on so much! Good Luck to all!

  8. For an answer to this question, I can refer you to the Catechism-a brief description of the basics of faith: “God is the all-good spirit, omnipresent, omnipotent”, and something else there “everywhere”.

    But this is from the theological point of view.

    From the point of view of philosophy, if you are interested in this point of view, it is a person who does not obey the laws of nature (because she created them herself), but from the same point of view such a person cannot exist, because existence is by definition the property of an object to obey the laws of nature.

    And the most interesting thing is what it is from the point of view of psychology. And what it is from the point of view of psychology, I have already hinted here, but the answer was rubbed along with the question, so the story is very detective…

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