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  1. The question is more complicated than it might seem. First of all, because it is necessary to give an analytical definition of these categories, and only then search for their synthetic content. I had a discussion on this topic-see “Dobrozlo”.

  2. Good and evil are fundamentally the simplest things possible. With good and bad begins the upbringing of a person. Therefore, it is best to consider such questions on the subtle subconscious. Subtle subconsciousness in children, ignorant people, mentally ill people, etc.

    If you like something it's good, if you don't like it's evil. If it is pleasant and comfortable, it is good, if it is difficult and painful, it is evil.

    For adults, everything is about the same, but the influencing constructs of accumulated Knowledge are more complex. Therefore, we have to weigh and introduce the patience component. You can also suffer a painful injection, but if recovery follows in the end, then the injection is already good. A person died, it seems bad, but he saved the children, this is certainly good. The Mexicans have lost Texas, and half of their country's territory they don't like it and it's definitely evil, the Americans have acquired it all and they like it, and besides, Texas is thriving, so it's good. There is no money at home, and the husband does not work and drinks, the wife does not like it, because the husband does evil, the wife bites and does not respect her husband she is very evil and does evil, alcohol saves from evil. The Russians have their own good, that's why they like their own, but the Germans like this kind of death, and they don't like it.

    The final good is the resulting balance of the totality of what you like and dislike. You can complicate the issue, blurt it out and hide behind thick layers of Knowledge, confuse it with deep abstractions. However, the formula for Good was derived many thousands of years ago: “Do to others as you would like them to do to you” So it turns out that Good is what you like, which means good, Evil is what you don't like and this is bad.

    Therefore, artificial intelligence needs not only to be taught to form mental constructions, but also to instill ethics. Ethics are instilled by parents, and they will teach you what is good and what is bad.

  3. Good is when you set a goal for yourself and achieve it with minimal losses and costs for yourself. Evil is what makes you sweat. And you know it's not going to be easy. That is why the saying arose: “evil must be punished.” Simply put, if you commit, leave all doubts and free your brain from all bad things for the sake of all good things. And then the evil will recede.

  4. Ignorance is the source of all evil. For because of ignorance, the battle between darkness and light was born. Those who bring ignorance upon their inhabitants are undoubtedly born of darkness. Passages like “if you read it, you'll go to hell as a heretic!” are even well-preserved in modern religions. Modern socialism is born of darkness. Attempts to flood the lands of great light and wisdom with cultures that don't care about such things are born of darkness. This battle is being fought right now, but only those with eyes are aware of it

  5. Good is the harmony of the world and its harmonious development. Evil is the destruction of the harmony of the world and hindering its harmonious development. Good can live without evil, but evil cannot live without good. Good is eternal, evil of course.

  6. The fact that only some general moral norms are called good, which are still different in different countries and individual altruism, of course altruism could not be universal, otherwise parasites will attack and devour a person like a piece of food. And even charity does not always reach the needy, they can steal. This is all about giving a fish and not teaching it to catch, a very harmful culture of victims and slaves for people. And to help laziness is very difficult. Evil is more an ill-mannered person and closer to animality, and this is extreme selfishness, unreasonable, thieves and deceivers. Sometimes it's all sorts of madmen who want to take everything by force, maximalism, extremes are also evil. Ignorance can be evil and naivety too, when another more insidious person preys on the younger generation. And I see that often evil people are brought up by evil families just, the families of people themselves are sometimes evil. Also physiology, which is death for an allergic person, then food for an ordinary person.Some people have their own moral norms of good and evil, individually.

  7. Good is an action or intention (desire) aimed at creating benefits; or an object that brings benefits.
    Evil is an action or intent aimed at depriving benefits and causing harm or loss.
    Synonyms that reveal the essence of the issue:
    Good – virtue, benevolence; evil-villainy, malefactor.

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