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  1. Is this really a question from the category of “eternal”? No, it's not. And the meaning of life is there. But it is different for each person. If you answer-they say, comprehend the meaning of life and one day, perhaps, you will comprehend-it's like not answering. So my answer is that plants can help us understand the meaning of life. Which ones? Read the books in the series “Nature's Wisdom for activating human DNA” and “catch” the response to a particular plant!

  2. I've already answered questions about the meaning of life so many times in this project that I won't repeat myself. If you want to, then look for the answers yourself.

    And briefly I will say that the point is that sooner or later you will come to understand that for happiness you just need to allow yourself to enjoy even any little thing, without searching for global meanings.

  3. Happiness and meaning are about doing good and fighting evil. Thus, we approach the level of the Creator himself. It is important to develop yourself and improve the world.

  4. Happiness is not limited, it is available to everyone. This feeling is accessible to everyone. The meaning of a person's life is to exist in Life, to belong to it .

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