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  1. I think happiness is a very personal feeling and very individual. Therefore, any response from someone else will always seem incomplete to you, not your own.

    Everyone has their own happiness. For some , it's love… For some , this is a piece of bread today…

    Happiness is ephemeral and made up of many moments in your life.

    Take care of the feelings and memories that give rise to a sense of happiness. And become more often a reason for the happiness of others! πŸ™‚

  2. This question can be approached from the point of view of philosophy, physiology and psychology.

    With physiology, the easiest way is to measure the level of serotonin, oxytocin, dopamine and endorphins.

    A number of philosophical statements say that happiness is the absence of unhappiness; others – about achievements, about harmony, about pleasure.

    In the Big Psychological Dictionary, and in the Golovin dictionary there are no articles about happiness)) There is something about “satisfaction”. That is, if all the needs of a person are met (both basic and higher), they are happy. The problem is that we can't feel “Happy” for long. Mostly because our needs may contradict each other: for example, the need for security as opposed to new experiences and achievements.

  3. A good psychologist always helps the client learn how to take care of their condition and pay attention to themselves. Let's do it together today!

    β €

    – Be in the moment. When you drink coffee, drink it, feel its taste, and do not wander in your thoughts or scroll through social networks. Dive in

    “Slow down. The rush causes a feeling of lack of time, and there is more time than you think – enough for everything!

    – This point follows from the previous one – do not say the phrase β€œI don't have time”. Instead, say β€œ ” I always have enough time for what's important to me.”

    – Wake up earlier and arrange a ” golden hour” – time for you) have a delicious breakfast, read a book, make a face mask, meditate

    – Don't eat on the run. Food is a very important ritual. Have fun with the serving and taste! Savor it!

    – Take care of yourself. Make masks, light makeup, and a beautiful hairstyle every day. This gives a huge resource!

    – Learn to live from the inner response. Don't do any of the resistance stuff. Listen to yourself. Do what you want!

    – Ask yourself every day β€œ ” What can give me pleasure now?”Do it for yourself!

    – Take a walk and observe the nature and life of the city. It helps to slow down and be in the moment!

    – Give thanks for everything that happens to you. Say 10 thanks to yourself-you will immediately notice how your condition will change!

    – Do not use your phone for more than 3 hours a day if your work is not connected to the phone. If connected, then no more than 5-6. Instant messengers and social networks delay, interfering with enjoyment

    – Learn to say NO

    – Spend quality time with your loved ones, be with them in the moment. Fully immerse yourself in each other

    – Make your home beautiful and cozy. Throw out anything you don't like. Buy beautiful parts. Find a fragrance for your home. Clean up!

    – Set aside an hour each day for something you love. Read, exercise, take a bath!

    – Find a psychologist! Mental hygiene is a very important factor for finding harmony.

    If you want to seek support from a psychologist-consultant, I will be very glad to see you!

    Your Natalia Wagner

  4. What is happiness? No one knows. Rather, they know, but everyone has their own opinion. For some, this is a new car, for someone a new woman, for someone the health of loved ones.

    But what is a misfortune, everyone knows.

    Boris Akunin elaborated on this topic as follows. Happiness is the absence of unhappiness.

    And the ancients said: “If you want to be happy, be happy”

    A very deep thought. You need to be happy with what you have, not with what you dream about.

  5. Happiness is our natural state. Therefore, some call it harmony, others-when it is good. Many point to its transience, as they often lose themselves, lose their naturalness.

    Naturalness is within us, and you will find it there. There are ways to yourself – these are the ways to happiness.

  6. If you enjoy simple things – that is happiness.

    If I have hands and feet, I can play sports or get creative, and I can hug someone close to me
    I have a hearing – I can listen to my favorite music, hear the most pleasant words, feel the moment (like a car passing by, it's raining)
    I have a sense of smell – I can smell the most pleasant smells. The smell of wet asphalt after the rain, vanilla, lilac and old books.
    I have good eyesight – I can watch beautiful sunsets and sunrises, like snow falling or buds blooming on trees. To see how my child is happy about something and claps his hands. The ability to read books and watch wonderful film adaptations based on them. Go to an art gallery and see works of art with your own eyes.

    Happiness is to enjoy every day you live. Appreciate what you have.
    Do not wait for happiness – but run to it. Do something that gives you pleasure

    Give passersby smiles and get the same ones in returnπŸ™‚

  7. Happiness is a pain reliever. Not much ,but that's the whole point. Not to achieve even a tiny fraction of any losses without suffering. Anger, longing, quarrels and separations are all goto's joys to serve.How boring it would be to live-if there were no flour in the world.

  8. In one dictionary, happiness is defined as a long-term state of contentment with life, which is expressed by a variety of feelings β€” from contentment to deep inner joy β€” and is accompanied by a natural desire to prolong this state. According to the Bible, a person can be truly happy only if he is blessed by God.So that happiness does not depend on external circumstances, it is necessary to strengthen friendship with God. The Apostle Paul wrote:: “Rejoice always in the Lord . And again I say, rejoice! ” (Phil. 4: 4). If we want to get closer to God, we need God's wisdom. The Word of God says: “Happy is the man who finds wisdom, and the man who gains insight… It is the tree of life for those who take it up, and those who hold fast to it will be called happy” (Proverbs 3:13, 18).

  9. Good afternoon! The question of what happiness is is very multifaceted, and neither philosophers, nor psychologists, nor figures in other branches of knowledge have been able to give a single answer at the moment. And almost all your friends will give different answers.

    We at our Happiness Center research happiness based on scientific methods, and just trying to find the answer to the question: “what is happiness?”. At this point, we've come to the conclusion that happiness is a very subjective experience that depends on how satisfied you are with what is valuable to you. But do not confuse the feeling of satisfaction (usually the term “satisfaction” is used by scientists, because satisfaction is easier to measure than happiness) and the feeling of happiness. Happiness is a special feeling of “flow” and fullness that comes to a person when there is a difference in his life from luck (success) to failure.

    To put it simply, happiness is in ourselves, and no one else can make us happy)

    There are many articles about happiness on our website, so you can take a look and get a little closer to the answer to the question :” What is happiness for me?”.

  10. Everyone has their own happiness and it is unique. The mechanism of happiness is probably the same when you lose yourself in the present moment. There is no” I-ego “and no” lust-desire ” of anything, you just know that you have everything. You are not alone, but A C-PART of what is happening.

  11. A person's happiness depends on his spiritual fulfillment, the meaning of his existence. After all, a harmonious person does not need any external doping in the form of pleasure(exclusive clothes, a new movie, alcohol, etc.) to feel happy, but only a sense of fullness of life. But you can find this feeling only by knowing your true nature, and religion can help. But not external attributes, but deep work on yourself.

  12. Happiness… I think happiness is a psychological feeling. It may be uncontrolled and unfounded, or it may be artificially induced. The main thing in this question is not “what”, but “when”. It is necessary to feel happy in the present period of time. Not in the past, not to think about future happiness, but to be able to be happy here and now. Those who can do this will always be happy… For others, happiness is overshadowed, because if you are not happy now, then it is extremely difficult to achieve happiness in the future. Memories of past happiness are also not a way to achieve happiness in the future…

  13. Joy and enjoyment of life without causing pain and discomfort to others. It depends on the development and realization of personal psycho-sexual properties given by nature .

  14. Happiness – everyone has their own opinion on this matter, everyone has their own happiness 😊 “Where to find happiness?” is also a difficult question. I recently downloaded the Havemition app to my phone, I like to read the section “moments of happiness” there, you can find ideas where happiness lives))

  15. Happiness? There is no exact answer, everyone's happiness is different, and it depends on several factors.
    Standard of living, financial component of you and / or your family, needs.

    For the hungry and thirsty children of Africa, happiness is water, and a couple of dollars to feed the family.

    For the average Russian family, happiness is the presence of a car, an apartment (at least with a mortgage)

    For the upper strata of the population, this is expensive equipment, a car, and luxury housing.

    How to find happiness? Understand who you are and what you will be genuinely happy about at the moment.

  16. They say the happiest people are babies and crazy people. If no one can become the first, then it remains to go crazy and find happiness. But the trouble is that not every type of mental disorder produces a state of happiness, so is it worth the risk?

  17. Happiness is when you love, and do not take offense at anyone, and do not offend anyone yourself, and forgive everyone, and look at everything and everything with adoration and understanding that everything is from God, that we are all the same children of him. Let's love each other, cherish each other, help each other, not judge and not compare, because people are as happy as they are happy from comparisons and judgments. Happiness is when the heart is filled with love and warmth, the eyes with light and joy, and the birds of paradise sing in the soul! Happiness is when your loved ones are healthy, when there is peace on earth, when everyone is smiling and enjoying every day, any weather, any age, when there are no patterns of beauty, just everyone is beautiful with their own spiritual light. Remember yourself when you were little, when you perceive the world as it is, and the child does not divide adults into old and young, he just sincerely loves everyone. Why do we grow up to see only negativity in everything, become angry, tired, and grumpy?… No matter how old we are , we are all children of God (outside of all religions). Let's not forget that. Let's just be happy. In other words, to be C-partial means to be a part of something, or to be one with a part of something or someone, in other words, a C-partial person can be when one is united with a loved one, with his family, family, people, humanity, Mother Earth, one with something or someone, that is, harmoniously fitting into the whole as an integral part of it (as the Letter Love you and light.

  18. I was thinking today. I thought for a long time. I myself wanted to answer the question,, what is happiness?,, NOT in a global sense, but simply in the wording of the question.
    Happiness is really a state of mind for me. I can feel it tactilely. There are times when, because of some small thing, the wings behind your back grow, your breath goes to such a deep exhalation that you can hear the air as it smells. And the reasons for happiness are our wishes for health, love, well-being, and even a kind word! And when the puzzles add up, it comes to our souls.
    Here I have it.
    Probably, the soul glows at such moments. Everyone has their own idea, but not everyone understands it right now. More often you perceive that you are happy in hindsight.

  19. Happiness is the moments of life when you feel good, your world is in harmony, and you want it to always be so. The search for happiness outside is quite common, but if happiness is an internal state, then it seems more logical to look for it in yourself.

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