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  1. What is the most important question-it is difficult to answer unequivocally, each of us is unique, who can solve one for all?
    But throughout life, in times of crisis, a person looks for answers to existential questions: what is the meaning of my life, who am I, where am I going, why do I live? And everyone answers this question in their own way, unfortunately or fortunately, there is no ready-made answer for everyone)

  2. The main question about yourself is the only reality. A question about yourself will be a question about everything else.

    If you call yourself a body, then the meaning will be bodily-procreation, bodily pleasures.

    If you call yourself consciousness, reason-the meaning will be in the development, accumulation of experience, knowledge.

    If you call yourself a soul, then the meaning will be in love!

  3. Who am I? Why am I suffering? This question can be answered by a guru. The Bhagavad Gita as it stands says: “Try to find out the truth by contacting a spiritual master. Ask him humbly and serve him. Self-aware souls can give you knowledge, for they see the truth.”

  4. A person comes, is born, into this world with one goal and this goal is to improve, learn about this world and having his karma change it for the better. “A person is a part of the whole that we call the universe, a part that is limited in time and space. He feels himself, his thoughts and feelings as something independent and unique, which is a kind of optical illusion. This delusion forces us to live in an illusory world of our own desires and limit ourselves to communicating with a narrow circle of people close to us. Our task is—to overcome the stagnation of thinking and embrace the whole world, in all its grandeur and splendor. ” Albert Einstein. With respect.

  5. A key criterion for feeling happy is when endorphins are produced in the body.

    This attribute determines the degree of pleasure from any action or sensation, or from communicating with someone.

    Some people like exercise and active activities. And some people find the greatest satisfaction in mental exercises.

    Someone in communion with nature finds peace and happiness of unity with the great.

    Every person should study their body and their mental abilities.

    Because with each new incarnation on the physical level, a person tries to experience certain impressions of life in order to gain the most complete life experience.

    Thus, a person acquires the versatility of his nature, and in general knows how to act in certain circumstances of life, because he once lived a similar situation and it is already in his Long-term Memory, which passes after the physical death of a person to the level of Memory energy with the last breath.

    It is at the energy level of Past Memory that a person continues to live and analyze previous life impressions and build his character in the way that his physical and mental characteristics allow.

    Because in life there are people-fighters, people-activists, people-teachers, people-philosophers and so on.

    You need to study yourself and find yourself in this life. And compare yourself only with yourself. Then a person can determine what makes them produce endorphin. And then it will be the best way for him to embody it in physical life.

    But, having identified the main features of their character, a person should understand that their hands should become more intelligent and adapted to various professional activities.

    People are born in different life situations and therefore a person must work with what he has in life. And by acquiring various professional and creative skills, find ways to improve your life in this reality.

    It's like a challenge that a person has been given and picked up on in order to perform in the best possible way, as it is in his power to perform at the moment.

    Do what you should with attention and concentration, and then, without noticing it, you will feel the fullness of being and the joy of the moment of life, because you will gain skill and see the result of your efforts.

    Even if you are the only one who will see your achievement, this is the main thing in your life – to feel the quiet joy of acquiring a skill.

  6. Perhaps this is the eternal question that everyone living under the moon and sun asks themselves:

    Quo vadis? Kamo ryadeshi? Where are you going?”

    Sooner or later, it gets in front of everyone ( flora and fauna do not count):

    For what, for what higher purpose, was I born? What earthly path should I follow, and how should I choose it correctly?

    In the pre-Christian world, opinions differed on this issue:

    Vivere est amare-To live is to love

    Vivere est militare-To live is to fight ( to fight)

    Vivere est cogitare-To live is to think

    In Christianity, this path (in short ) fits into four words::

    Aspera ad astra, Through the thorns to the stars.

    To walk the path of Christ, with thorns-a crown of thorns on his head as a symbol of bodily suffering and trials of the spirit-to the highest goal of life . to the heavenly, therefore eternal. And the guiding stars are Faith Hope and Love.

    However, everyone has their own answer to this eternal question:

    To live life is not a field to cross. Go through the trials – through fire, water, and copper pipes – and don't break down. This choice is for the strong in spirit. For those who have guiding stars and therefore hold their heads HIGH. Who is not afraid, does not lose heart, does not despair. Whoever wants to, will achieve it, and whoever wants to, will be able to.

    Those who are tired of searching for themselves also have an answer:

    Who understood the meaning and sense of life Long Ago shut up and fell silent

  7. As mentioned above, the Thinker computer spent seven and a half million years calculating the Final Answer to the greatest question of Life, the Universe, and All That. The thinker gave the answer: “42”

    The most likely questions to this answer seem to me to be::

    1. What happens if you multiply six by nine? ( What do you get if you multiply six by nine? )

    2. Where does it all end?

    (“Right here, house forty-two… Right here! “)

  8. As a melancholy Frenchman once said, ” Is life worth living?”
    Personally, I don't believe in the meaning of life. It's like a story about the gods, the soul, the supernatural, and so on. People need to believe in something, look for something. This is the meaning of human existence, maybe. And, of course, each person has his own meaning of life, depending on his desires, skills, goals.

  9. This question has already been answered by the Thinker, who has spent seven and a half million years calculating the most accurate and complete answer. And this answer is 42.

  10. In my understanding, in a universe that is infinite in development, there can be no final, main question, but there can be intermediate ones at each stage of life. I believe that one of the most important issues at our stage of human development is the question of life in the universe. About the fact that life is not a tiny, vanishingly tiny point in the incredibly vast ocean of space, which arose by some incredible accident, but a common and natural phenomenon.

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