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  1. KIRILL: What is it worth living for? This is, I think, the simplest of all the questions I answer, because there are about a billion, well, a billion and one thousand reasons.

    First of all, your family, your friends, everyone knows about it.

    In general, everything is simple — you wake up in the morning, go out of the house, the sun is shining, and you smile-how high! You take one of these, eat ice cream and think: “How awesome!”. You pull your headphones out of your pocket, stick them in your phone, turn on your favorite music, and think, ” How awesome!” You take off your headphones, sit down at the drum kit, play the drums, and think, ” How awesome!” You come out from behind the drums, get on a unicycle, ride around, everyone is looking at you, you look at everyone, fall, break your knee and say: “Kaaaifovo created just!”. You tape up your knee, go to a coffee shop, order six servings of tiramisu, eat four, then it gets wildly sweet, but still so high! Then you go, you come back, and you're like, ” Wow! What kind of news is this?” It turns out that the eighth season of “Game of Thrones”has been released. You're like, ” Fuck it, I'm not going to sleep tonight!” You turn on the first episode and in the middle you already fall asleep and think: “How awesome!”.

    Here is such a high life in fact, I do not know, people, life is a high.

  2. For yourself first of all, if you love yourself, then you love to live,you love mom and dad and daughter and son and relatives with whom you are constantly in contact.

    If you don't love yourself,then it turns out that you don't respect and don't love others,because you don't know what it means to love.

    That's exactly what you have to live for.

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  1. It is worth living for simple things that do not require justification for you, because they are light and keep you safe, lifting you to the sun and air. Simple things are like floats.

    Difficult things are hard; it's an invitation to become confused, to sink into the depths, and to stop breathing.

    The depth of mental exercises “from simple to complex” is different for everyone. It is worth living for the sake of those things that are simple and obvious to you. After all, they do not need to be proved – they are proof themselves.

    Life is worth living for simple things.

  2. The question is simple and the answer is simple – for the sake of understanding:

    1. Who are you?
    2. What are you for?
    3. Where are you going next?
    4. Why can't you stop your obsessive thoughts?
    5. Why can't you not judge other people?
    6. Why can't you help being envious?
    7. Why can't you not lie?

    n. WHY???

    This is exactly what you should LIVE for!

  3. Although the question is from psychology, I will give the answer from philosophy. Someone in authority has justly remarked that it is worth living for the sake of what it is not a pity to die for.

  4. Please do not jump to conclusions and read the text to the end, to the last line.

    Let's drop the philosophy for now.
    If only things like Evolution and the Universe as such had personal accounts on the Yandex portal. Q, we would see an interesting clash of two ideas, because from the point of view of the first, our entire life is subject to a strict attraction to reproduction in one way or another — to such an extent that any human action somehow implicitly has the ultimate goal, even, oddly enough, suicide (those who want to hear an explanation of this fact can write me about it in the comments; the second one would not be able to understand its opponent at all in the dispute, since what is happening in the universe is devoid of any meaningfulness as a whole, since the concept of “meaning” is anthropogenic and does not exist outside of our mind materially as a separate object of the universe.

    Yes, in short, both factual answers are not so rosy: we exist either as a simple carrier of the genome, or even as a dummy. BUT! Here I will give an example of the reasoning of a demon from one of the works: there, realizing that he was forever plunged into the eternity of the abyss, where everything that previously, in our “living” world, had a price for him and guided his actions, is simply absent and raised to zero, he uttered something like the following: “if there is no reason for my fun, I will create it for myself.”

    And, indeed, what prevents us from dictating conditions, ideas, goals, and priorities to ourselves? In fact, in the light of the above, the meaning of our life is the search for this very meaning, coupled with the constant study of our world in attempts to break out of the role of a simple link in evolution and become something more than just a carrier of dna, but to be one of the living engines of humanity on the way to its development.

  5. It is worth living:
    for the sake of a loved one,
    for the sake of children,
    for the sake of the Orthodox faith,
    for the sake of a favorite cause,
    for the sake of a hobby,
    for the sake of saving humanity,
    for the sake of improving karma,

  6. Simply put, a person's life is forced. Our parents didn't ask us if we wanted to be born or not. Life is not straightforward. We make up our own excuses for our lives.

  7. You need to live in order to meet the basic needs of the body as quickly as possible and then, over time, be free from all unnecessary things and ready to learn the truth.

  8. There is a beautiful poem on this subject:

    To live – for the sake of life!

    Live to love!

    Live for yourself!

    Live – for the sake of your beloved!

    Live – for the sake of the family!

    To travel!

    A moment of kindness and warmth is worth living for!

    It is worth living – in the name of freedom and justice!

    Live for the sake of your loved ones!

    For the sake of bright and interesting thoughts!

    Live to be happy!

    It's worth living for yourself!

    And for the sake of the word “we”

    For the sake of a warm and cozy bed 🙂

    For the sake of making your dreams come true!

  9. For the sake of small things: the smell of coffee in the morning, the sun outside the window ( when it is) birdsong, music playing in the subway crossing, turntables that go down in a helicopter, etc., a lot of small things help to live

  10. Thinking about this question, I can't find any answer in my head, because I don't know what it's worth living for.

    One side of my personality spits and shouts, “life is not worth living,” but I realize that this is a radical response, which was formed due to the fact that people to whom I ask such questions start throwing up on me with a pink emulsion of optimism, cheerfulness and joie de vivre, thinking that I ask this question to throw up pills and cut myself in the bathroom this evening.

    But no, I'm not going to do that.

    The other side of me screams, ” life has meaning, and life is worth living.” But I don't believe this side of me, because this thing is deceiving me. My instinct for self-preservation speaks for me.

    And I start to wonder: why does it, this instinct, want me to continue living?

    I'll start from far away.

    We sleep, eat, have sex, poop and pee all just to survive. Our instinct for self-preservation is responsible for this from afar.

    And what do we survive for? What does our species survive for?

    For the sake of breeding? – no. We do this to survive.

    For what to eat? Also no. This is also for the sake of survival.

    For fun? No. This is the mechanism that allows us to survive.

    And in this way, you can cut off all human needs.

    All needs, emotions lead to one thing – to survive.

    Again, we ask the question, for what does the organism and species strive to survive?

    There is no response. The body itself does not know this. And there is no obvious answer to this question. (And there's no obvious answer either.)

    What is the conclusion?

    All human emotions and needs are necessary for survival.

    That is, fame, success, nutrition, sex, love, communication and pleasure, etc. are necessary for survival.

    What does the body survive for? There is no response. It's just how we're programmed.

    And when a person throws up optimism on you, it means that they are doing it to survive.

    All other things, creativity, art, music, cooking, morals and other man-made things, are just what allows him to survive.

    Everyone ends up striving for survival. And as already mentioned, we are so programmed, and we don't know why we are doing it. (Sorry to repeat myself).

    And if you realize this, another facet of being opens up.

    We become free, only in the head, but free.

    But we don't need this freedom.

    Just like in the song” Two Ships ” by Agatha Christie.

    • “An incomprehensible freedom has squeezed their chest like a hoop, and it is not clear what they should do, whether to swim, or sink, ships without a captain, a captain without a ship, we need to re-invent a certain meaning of being… What the fuck?”.

    None of this is worth dying for. I am constantly searching for answers, and I have given only a small and incomplete, compressed part of the information that is brewing in my head.

    Don't jump to conclusions and take action. Think about everything.

    These reflections are our friends and enemies. They can either free us or kill us.

    P. S: Perhaps these reflections may seem strange, but understand that I live by these reflections, and I came to them through a huge chain of other reflections.

    I understand them because I have lived them.

    And your experience may differ from mine, so you may not understand me.

    Don't judge. This is just my subjective opinion, which will change over the course of my life and take different forms at different stages of my existence.

  11. What is it worth living for ? Don't know. No one knows. Everyone just pretends to know. They will find a reason to live and live in satisfaction. But probably the one who says that you need to live for yourself will be right. Find the joys of life for yourself.Joy is in the smallest details.Joy in the morning wind. The joy is in burnt coffee, which tastes so bad that no one will drink it. Joy is in the last drop of alcohol, which paints the grayness of the city. Joy in nature that accepts us like this. Joy in the future, which will definitely be. Today, tomorrow, in a month or a year. Everything that makes us doubt life will go away, and pleasure will replace it. The pleasure of living.

  12. For the moment when you forget about this question.

    For the sake of the warm feeling in your chest when you sit on a folding chair somewhere in nature on an autumn afternoon. For the sake of a hot summer night, when you have traveled all over the city on a scooter and hang out in the noisy and sleepless center. For the cool autumn air in the park and the smell of leaves. For a leisurely winter walk on the ice of the river, when you can hear what the pines whisper on the bank.

    And probably for a thousand other small things.

  13. I join the discussion of PA LAN, but I would like to supplement them with my thoughts and suggestions on this subject.

    I agree that in fact, everything we do, we do in order to survive (and why we need to survive, we don't know, ok).

    In this case, if we are not going to throw ourselves from the roof, then something is holding us back after all. Let's put aside the idea that our parents/significant other / friends would suffer if we died and leave it to our own devices.

    I'll do it on my own example. I would divide the train of thought into two sections:

    1. General

    2. Private

    3. What is it about this globe that really captures, amazes and surprises me ?

    For me, this is primarily music. When I listen to certain music at the right moment, I experience the most powerful feelings and emotions that inspire and inspire me, give me strength. Personally, when I first felt this, and it was around the age of 14, I unconsciously decided, somewhere blue inside, that I should create something similar myself in order to give my life energy, to give people the same things that I have, because I somehow immediately decided that those who feel music as strongly and have similar musical preferences will be close to me in spirit. Interesting, but that's what happens.

    I heard a flurry of disapproval from my parents about the fact that you can't earn money with music and that it's not a profession, after studying at several universities, and each time deceiving myself again, I eventually came to the conclusion that the only thing I need is something that is related to music or is directly related to it.

    So, in order not to spend the rest of our lives arriving in prostration and thinking about what we need to survive for, it's better just to find something global that resonates most strongly inside and turn it into a main activity.

    1. Whether or not we fulfill the first point, in addition to the main activity, there is a private one – our way of life and how and where we spend our time.

    If you live in a bad house and you don't like it, you can make an effort to change it. Why spend your whole life living where you don't like it?

    Similarly with everything else – a bad back, bad shoes, bad climate, a bad city. If you want to go to New Zealand, go ahead.

    In other words, we need to improve ourselves and our surroundings in a way that makes our lives more pleasant and comfortable.

    It seems to me that we often expect a portion of happiness from the result, but not from the process, and it is not always possible to achieve the desired result. It can be quite different, or it may not be at all. It is better to seek pleasure in the process.

    This was also well described by Yuri Orlov in his work on applied psychology called “Ascent to Individuality”.

    Also, while we are young, we often don't really owe anyone anything, and we are only afraid of responsibility for our actions and lack of comfort.

    It is up to us to choose whether to live in joy or in misery, if we do choose life.

  14. For the sake of what brings pleasure, satisfaction. In general, that's all. No human being in the world lives for the sake of suffering. Or rather, in the biological sense, he will live, but he doesn't give up on such a life. Most likely, he will become an alcoholic, a drug addict, or get depressed, and eventually jump off the roof.�

    Specifically, no one can answer this question precisely for this reason: everyone has a different source of pleasure in this life. Some people live for work, some for money, and there are meaning seekers who live for the sake of finding meaning. Well, that is, they like to believe that they are looking for something and then they will find and calm down For them, the process of finding the meaning of life is the meaning of life. At least for a certain period of his life. Then it can change. Well, and so in general with all things: they can also change and what used to bring pleasure – will seem routine, because you have sucked all the juice out of this business. And the search for another meaning will begin, which will help you realize yourself. But whatever you find there, there will be only one motivation-you get pleasure from this business. Then you can say that your life has meaning.

    And this applies not only to work, but also to hobbies and people with whom you spend time: it is unlikely that you will spend time with people with whom you do not like to be. And if you have to do this, then you will think ” well bliiin, I'm wasting so much time, but I could have…”

    But there is one small “but” that does not really fit into the whole idyll: in our society of people, it is important that all meaning is within the framework of social norms and in general, foundations. Let me explain: a hippie who has been smoking pot for 30 years may catch on a bit when he turns 50 – no kids, no family, no home, nothing. It would seem that for him the meaning of life was in the chicken and he, in general, until recently, did not regret the hours spent. But here is such a problem at the end of life. So, when answering the question, do not forget about planning in your life. At least the rough draft hasn't bothered anyone yet.

  15. When I saw this question, the answer to it immediately came to my mind.

    I didn't want to write it here, because I was afraid that among the deeply philosophical answers here, it would look stupid and get overlooked.

    So, this answer is for the sake of Hip-Hop.

  16. As many people as there are, so many opinions. You can answer this question yourself if you stop the race that society has drawn you into. One girl said that you need to enjoy simple things, such as the wind, heat, and the sounds of nature. And she's right. You need to hear your inner voice, which is the only true way to tell you how to live and what to do. People make mistakes and overestimate life, but they are only right about one thing: that it is short, so they are always in a hurry, and they don't have enough time to listen to themselves. But who says that the more time you get, the better? When was quantity more valuable than quality? Stop and listen to yourself. Even if he tells you to lie down, sleep, it only says that you are tired of the rush. Everyone gets tired of the monotony, and when you catch your breath, go and do what the voice tells you to do, and try to follow its advice all the time, and you will understand how you can better live your life.

    Maybe a little veiled, but in my opinion, impressive.

  17. This question is very philosophical and you need to think for yourself, but all of the answers listed below are correct for someone.
    – For the sake of self-development .
    – Knowledge of the world and people .
    -To give someone a meaning in life .
    – To improve the environment around you .
    – Invent something that makes life easier for your descendants.
    -To perpetuate their thoughts and knowledge in creativity and science.

    In general, you can continue indefinitely . To quote Spock's “Live and Prosper”. 🙂

  18. In an interview, billionaire Sergey Galitsky responded to this, saying that life is already meaningless in itself and you just need to find a hobby in order to occupy the time from birth (conscious age) to death.

    I suppose procreation is a natural instinct… But the mother of Adolf Aloisovich (with herostratova fame) planned an abortion, but was not lucky…

    Choose for yourself what is more to your liking and moral principles.

  19. Hello, Alina. As mentioned earlier in some of the answers, people are given the opportunity to choose their own meaning in life, that is, to choose a certain plan that we want to be a part of. Each person makes an effort to ensure that his activities satisfy his system of values, and they are all different. For the most part, those who are not engaged in the search for important values for themselves become victims of those who can impose their own ideas about what a person needs to do. Roughly speaking, they simply take away our free right to choose. And, perhaps, it is worth adding here what is most important when choosing a meaning, so that it meets your values as much as possible, proclaiming them.�
    A few ideas that led me to choose my own meaning.
    The human brain is predisposed to cognitive activity and this already initially determines us and indicates the most general direction.�
    Then you need to understand what exactly should be studied? By answering this question, you will build your own value system. And here a new area is already opening up – self-knowledge. The more deeply you understand yourself, the easier it will be for you to understand what is valuable to you.�
    Many words have been said about knowledge, and I don't want you to get the impression that there is no place for practice here. In fact, practice is of great importance here, because a person tries to apply everything he has learned in his life and already choose what works most effectively. And this is the eternal process of self-development of each being, the difference is only in the degree of awareness. Those who engage in self-development more consciously, i.e. accumulate the desire to do this in themselves, have a better chance of survival.�
    Summing up, I will say that for me the main goal in life is self-development, that is, self-development.e. conscious practical realization of their potential. What for? This makes it possible to live more interesting, easier and longer. It also allows you to get more complete satisfaction from the process. All this is ensured by the fact that the world is constantly changing, this constant renewal forces us to constantly learn and adapt. If I don't do it, then I just start to degrade and suffer.
    Thus, while I am engaged in self-development, I willy-nilly carry this idea to the world. Along the way, I remind you that everything that is perceived by a person and manifested in this world comes from one very special place, which in fact cannot be described in a single word. And I think the word Unknown is the most appropriate indicator of this place. And, in my opinion, everything manifested from this very unknown is like her work, her children. And as you know, all children are curious. By fulfilling this need of ours consciously, we bring the opportunity to join in this work and other beings in the world. And especially for those who have slightly forgotten about the existence of this miracle and how beautiful the life of someone who seeks to know himself and everything that exists can be. IMHO
    Good luck!

  20. Life is a kind of game in which you choose your own goals, go to them yourself, and achieve them yourself.
    What is worth living for everyone decides for themselves. For the sake of family, work, study or for the sake of delicious sweets and sausage. The choice is always yours.
    Before, for some reason, it seemed to me that everyone definitely has their own destiny. But then, when I realized that no one else could come up with the meaning of life for me, it became easier for me. You can come up with a lot for yourself, even for every day. Every day with a new goal!)

  21. It is worth living for the sake of the family and for the sake of continuing your kind. I believe that the life given to you is the result of the efforts of previous generations. This is a natural flow of time. Your ancestors did not die in concentration camps, did not die during the war, did not starve, did not get into an accident, they stayed alive and gave birth to you. If anyone who thinks about suicide even occasionally thought about it, I think it would dramatically reduce the number of tragic deaths.

    The situation with Pskov teenagers is a huge tragedy. The guys encountered a misunderstanding and found the wrong way out. There was to be a dialogue with parents, with people who could help in the first place. Love is a great feeling, but it's wrong that it ended like this.

    Fighting suicide with manuals reminds me of the joke on the Internet that if a person slips on ice on Tuesday and gets injured, then you need to fight Tuesdays. It seems to me that it is necessary to prevent the thoughts themselves, to carry out educational work. I can cite my family as an example. I always have an active dialogue with my parents. My position on many issues is what my father says. When I was 14 years old, thank God, I grew up a little bit and understood something, I never thought about suicide, but I was very nervous and sensitive, I could react to something incorrectly. It is good if your parents talk to you and enlighten you on not the most pleasant topics. I learned a lesson for myself and realized that parents should lay the foundation of the individual on which an adult is then formed.

  22. It's worth living for the sake of living.
    Just enjoy the sky, the wind, the air, your heartbeat, every little thing.�
    Unfortunately, we don't value life in itself. But in vain

  23. I've never had a harder time in my life than adolescence. Those fucking two years: from 13 to 15. More than anything, I wanted to be loved. But I didn't have a boyfriend. I didn't have any friends at all. Not a single one. My only friend left for China with her parents, and no one liked me at the new school: she considered herself the smartest and was a truth-teller. I almost got beaten up once because I told my teacher about cheating. I didn't have a company of my own, and I didn't know where to meet anyone. The Internet and mobile phones have not yet reached us, the computer appeared only in the tenth grade.

    My mother had her third child, and she was not up to me. I didn't have much money, and I couldn't dress the way I wanted to: that is, as in the YES log. Dad once said: “I figured you'd need $ 200 a month. Well, we don't have that money.” I thought I was unattractive. A pimply freak with shaggy hair that no one will ever love. No one ever invited me to school discos.

    At the age of 13, my grandmother got me a job in a women's clinic, where she was the head of cleaning floors. I went there after school and was very afraid that one of my classmates would find out about it. My parents often yelled at me because I didn't clean my room, didn't do the dishes, didn't help around the house. I covered myself with a blanket and cried for hours because there wasn't a single person in this fucking world who loved me. Sometimes my dad would come in and yell at me for crying all the time.

    Once, in the school cafeteria, I had an argument with a boorish elementary school teacher. She made a comment. I asked her: “Who are you anyway?” She got angry, took me to the head teacher, where she shouted: “Yes, nature rests on people like you!” The head teacher called the district police officer, who drew up a paper about the insult. The class teacher said that if I didn't publicly apologize, I would be registered with the police, slapped with a certificate of “four” for behavior and not given a medal. And I'm not going anywhere. I was forced to apologize. When I tearfully told my mother about this, she replied that the teachers were right, and I was wrong. Not a single person was for me. Youth is generally when there is no one who would be for you. When you are a warrior for yourself alone.�

    My answer is that it's hard to believe that VA will never be this bad again. Truth. It's hard to believe that when I'm fifteen, walking around the city alone, I'll start making up poems and short stories. At 16, they will be published by the Shtuchka magazine, and I will understand what to do next: I will go to work for the New Frontiers newspaper. At 17 on Invasion, I will fall madly in love with the most beautiful young man on Earth. And he'll fall in love with me. I'll also go to a journalism course, and I'll have the best friends, the best teachers, and the best books for the rest of my life. And at 22, I'll go to New York and fall madly in love again. And at 24 I give birth to a child. And he will have the most amazing face in the world-because such a face has never existed before. Because your child will have a face like no one else, and only you can give him a name. And also-it's hard to believe, you'll make friends with your parents. And you will cherish them. And yet — you will see many, many countries. But it's not as interesting as finding out who you are and what you can do. And this is the most exciting adventure worth living for. These terrible questions that so torment at 13, at 14, at 15, at 16 give you the strength to wake up and move on at 20, at 30, at 40: Who am I? Why am I here? Where should I go? Now, at 32, I know who I am. It can be difficult for me, but every year I get to know this person better, and I fucking like him already.

  24. For the sake of realizing your own soul. Our physical shell and its environment (life) on the scale of the universe is a meaningless moment, and only the soul is eternal, so then the conclusion logically suggests itself that it is better to spend time in order to find and feel the unity of oneself and the soul and develop in this direction, to improve oneself internally.

  25. No one else can answer this question. I will not pile up here a bunch of pseudo-philosophical nonsense for a thousand words of text and without any practical meaning.

    But let me try to direct your thoughts in a certain direction with the help of a quote from Galitsky (Owner of the Magnit network, billionaire).
    “It's hard to say what's most important in life. Life is meaningless in itself. You just need to find something to do to fill the gap between birth and death. What is the meaning of life? Yes, it is not there. Having children is a reproductive function, it lies outside of us. What to strive for? Quantitative factors are unlikely to motivate a person. You can't eat two breakfasts. I need to find something to do. It's just that you've made up a game for yourself, and you're playing it.”

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