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  1. it seems to me that kindness is the ability to empathize, and not only with other people, but also with all living things.

    when we can feel the pain of another being as our own, we are unlikely to want to cause it. many villains are people without empathy (which is the scientific term for empathy).

    to understand whether you are doing something good or evil, you can simply imagine: would it be good for you if someone did this to you?

    if the answer is yes, then you're probably doing a good thing. but we must not forget that all people are different, and what seems good to one person may not seem so to another.

    so the best way to understand how the other person is feeling and whether you are being kind to them is to simply ask about it.

  2. In itself, “kindness” is a very simple thing – it is the tendency of a person to take care not to harm another. That is, to choose such goals and means in an act so that the consequences do not hit people – neither in terms of emotions and experiences, nor in the form of real harm or loss. It is much more difficult to answer the question: why are people kind or not, when they are so, and why do some people happen very often?

  3. Kindness is a set of positive human values aimed at bringing positive emotions to someone, in other words, “doing good”. A good person strives to help as many people as possible, without demanding any reward for it.

  4. When you become a little older and maybe remember this question, then find a video on the Internet about what Ethics is (I hope then they won't forget about it at all).

    For now, I'll just tell you this – kindness is the power of the mind. A fool can't be truly evil or kind, he won't think like you about what kindness is, he'll just do what he wants. And a smart person will not do something without thinking, he will first try to understand why and why everything is so right now, why the other person is doing this, and if he is not too lazy and thinks hard, he will always be able to understand and will not want to be angry in response. After all, all people would like to be good for each other and for everyone, but this is very difficult and simply cannot be achieved by everyone and always. Many people have the strength and intelligence to be good only for their loved ones, and even more so for those who were able to be good only for themselves. All the others are just unimportant and completely alien to them, as if they are not real people, but just pictures. They are not on purpose, they are just weak and stupid, they are almost like simple pictures themselves, so they are angry, and completely alien, and indifferent, and everyone thinks the same as them. Kindness is the power of the Mind, if it did not exist at all, people would never succeed. After all, everything that you know, someone told you, and everything that you have, someone gave you and almost everything that you can do, someone showed you.

  5. Kindness – mercy.
    Everyone has kindness..
    But not every person is always kind.
    And not everyone understands the kindness of the other.
    The most important thing in a person is kindness! And sincerity!

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  1. In Christianity, kindness is usually understood as the desire to do good, caring, consideration, and the ability to empathize, without which kindness is unthinkable.

    God has rewarded man with kindness, and God is Love.

  2. Kindness is the state of your soul! This wealth is within you, and when you hear a call for help, you can afford to respond! Kindness is when you give money not because they ask, but because you want to share it. And sharing – you don't expect anything in return, it's a gift! Kindness is a consequence of the fact that you have love for yourself and the world inside, as well as trust!

    If kindness is true, then first a person will treat himself kindly. It happens that this kindness ends badly for someone. Everything must have a balance. And kindness, too, should extend to everyone, as well as love.

    A truly kind person does not help because his karma will be better. He has a different motivation.

  3. Good is a special concept that defines a person's desire to make someone at least a little happier, more prosperous, more successful. It is based on the ability to be compassionate, sympathetic, and put yourself in the other person's shoes. Not everyone can do that. Many people do not understand and do not want to notice the problems of others, not to mention the kind attitude towards them. And others just laugh.

    This is a kind of worldview, which if you follow, then forever. If this feeling has settled in your heart, then kindness will appear in relation to everything: to our neighbors, to strangers, to our smaller brothers. Nothing can change a person, for him the emotional attitude to others is a rule, an axiom that does not require any evidence or refutation.

    Good makes our lives brighter and more diverse. I think that it should become the basic rule of a person's relationship with others like him and the world around him. If you describe this concept in one word, it is heat. This includes caring, love, and compassion.

    Good is like a guide between a person and the world around him. If you are kind to the universe, it responds in kind. If you break its laws, invade where you shouldn't, trample on the barely budding shoots, then the world will seem merciless.


  4. Good is irrational.Therefore, it makes no sense to talk about good from the point of view of benefit or harm.If each person at their own level will regularly

    if you do good, there will be no global evil.The whole problem is that most people understand good as a benefit for themselves.But in reality, good is what we do for others, even if we don't need it, even if it is not profitable and harmful for us, because good is the result of compassion, and compassion always has a price.According to Christian canons, Faith without good works is dead.

  5. Kindness is when you help people without asking for anything in return, without demanding gratitude, when you empathize, empathize, love, when you are generous and selfless. Your kindness makes other people smile and makes you happier. Kindness is one of the best qualities of a person.

  6. Kindness, love, cordiality -this is what remains after hatred, anger, resentment and other destructive emotions that are formed and stored in our subconscious on the basis of a false perception of the world go away.

    Love and unconditional joy in life are our natural state, which we need to get access to, because it is not given by itself. This is the meaning of our lives-to know ourselves.

    Once the answers to the questions are found and a person gains an understanding of what life is, what he is, and why he is here, there is nothing that would be incomprehensible and hateful to him in the behavior of other people. And, in this case, he has no choice but to treat people with kindness and understanding.

  7. Kindness is an extensible concept. Sometimes it seems to you that you are doing only exceptionally good, but in fact, if you then look at the fruits of your initiatives, it can even make your hair stand on end.

  8. Good is a general concept of moral consciousness, a category of ethics that characterizes positive moral values.This is the desire to make others feel good: to perform certain actions that cause others to feel joy, gratitude, and other positive feelings. These are responsiveness, compassion, and tolerance.

  9. Kindness is of two types – as good deeds and as a property of the soul.

    To act kindly does not mean to be kind. After all, both villains and criminals, murderers-did good deeds in life. True kindness is when you do good regardless of the circumstances, regardless of what kind of person is in front of you. True kindness is unwavering benevolence, at any time, in any situation, towards any person or other living being.

    Probably there are no such people… But not to strive for such a state of mind is a mistake. Only God is truly good, this is the ideal to which all the forces of the soul should be directed.

  10. Socrates tried to find out with his interlocutors when he asked them what is kindness (good) and anger=malice (evil). It turned out that what on the one hand can be good, on the other – is evil, that evil actions can lead to good, etc. It turned out that things and actions are relative, and the meaning, idea, something in common in them is imperishable and unchangeable. The beautiful in general, the good in general, and justice in general are imperishable and unchangeable. No reality corresponds to an idea, a pure thought; they themselves are reality. They are products of consciousness, the efforts of thought.

    Virtue is knowledge – by experience (sense perception) many people know that they are doing evil, but they are doing it nonetheless. From Socrates ' point of view, they do not know, because to know is another dimension of thinking, thinking here is not (empirical) representations, thinking is – life in the strict, precise sense of the word.

  11. This is helping any person in any difficulty, even if he does not expect it, helping animals, and everything that surrounds us, that's what my concept of kindness is

  12. Kindness is one of the traits of a person when he is in joy and is ready to share it, respond to the requests of those who ask, is ready to do something nice to others (smile, open the door, etc.), pay attention without compromising his mental balance. Why? Because if a person helps, advises, communicates, experiencing oppression, anger, irritation or something similar, he is no longer kind at this moment, carries negative emotions, which leaves an imprint on his good deeds – the person has emotional intelligence, and all your negativity falls on (for example) the forgiver, and he is not happy that he turned.

  13. Kindness is more than just a single act of kindness. A truly kind person is not just polite — they are driven by deep love and a desire to understand the feelings of others.⠀
    This quality is shown in useful deeds and tactful words. A kind person can be described as friendly, gentle, compassionate, gracious, and generous.⠀
    Kindness is closely linked to loyalty, togetherness, and proven loyalty..⠀
    The way a person treats others, whether good or bad, has an unexpected effect on themselves.
    “A merciful man does good to his soul, but a hard-hearted man destroys his flesh…” (The Bible)

  14. I really like the video “Lelik and barbariki”. The song “What is dobota”. Simply and perfectly answers the question posed: “You can't see it and you can't touch it.” But kindness transforms everything, makes you see the world easier and better. Kindness is a celebration that can be shared with everyone: “Who can fly and who can't”


  15. Kindness is when you help people without asking for anything in return, without demanding gratitude, when you empathize, empathize, love, when you are generous and selfless. Your kindness makes other people smile and makes you happier. Kindness is one of the best qualities of a person.

  16. Kindness is primarily a positive quality of a person, which is associated with each of us with the desire to help others, caring for others, as well as the desire to make the world a little better , but without requiring gratitude , the absence of self-interest as they say “Do good and throw it into the water “.Good encourages people to change for the better !!!

  17. Kindness is the emotional satisfaction of doing something useful to another person.

    Kindness, relative to what has been done that is useful to oneself, is not considered kindness, since it should be a natural, that is, a common state of a person.

  18. Kindness is one of the best qualities of a person. This is when you do something good without waiting for a reward or gratitude in return.

    To do good is to do something good for nothing.

  19. Kindness is when you do very good things for a person , pleasant things for them, and don't ask anything from them. You make him feel better . You make it more cheerful.

  20. Good is the creation and preservation of something necessary for people and society (relationships, help, in something, objects for life, etc.) for the sake of another, without the desire to receive money or anything valuable, or even good as such in return (For example, the same help that he provided himself). In this sense, communism is a Society of absolutely good people-from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs (this is the slogan of the Communists. In a communist society, there will be no money). For example, the slogan of the socialists – from each according to ability, to each according to work (since work is valued in money). Kindness – on the one hand, it is help, the desire of one to do something useful and necessary, causing positive emotions in a person and others, on the other hand, the desire and goodwill of another person to accept it.


    1. Good deeds can attract hatred just as much as bad ones. / N. Machiavelli/

    2. A good person is not one who knows how to do good, but one who does not know how to do evil. /V. O. Klyuchevsky/

    3. He who is wise is also good. /Sokrat/

    4. If I manage to do a good deed and it becomes known, I feel not rewarded, but punished. / N. Chamfort/

    5. With a kind word and a gun, you can achieve much more than just a kind word. /Al Capone/

    6. Beauty without kindness dies unclaimed. /B. Franklin/

    7. If you lose good, you will lose little, if you lose honor, you will lose much, if you lose courage, you will lose everything. / I. Goethe/

    8. For the most part, harming people is not as dangerous as doing them too much good. La Rochefoucauld/

    9. To be kind is not difficult at all: it is difficult to be just. / V. Hugo/

    10. To do good, one must first possess it. /Aristotle/

    11. Good is beautiful in action. / Zh. – Zh. Russo/

    12. Kindness is better than beauty. /G. Heine/

    13. A beautiful woman pleases the eyes, but a kind one pleases the heart; one is a beautiful thing, and the other a treasure. – Napoleon I

    14. Doing good to fools is like pouring water into the sea . – M. Cervantes

    15. It is difficult to lead to good moralizing, easy example. – Seneca

    16. Kindness is a language that the mute can speak and the deaf can hear. – P. Bovey

    17. You can resist anything, but you can't resist kindness. Russo

    18. A good person is someone who remembers their sins and forgets their good, and an evil person is the opposite. ***

    19. We all value the good, only losing it irrevocably. – T. More

    20. The smarter and kinder a person is, the more he sees the good in people. – F. Chesterfield

    21. Some people think they have a good heart, but in reality they only have weak nerves. – M. Eschenbach

    22. Not the one who knows how to distinguish good from evil, but the one who knows how to choose the lesser of two evils. “An Arabic proverb.

    Something like that!

    GOD bless you!

  21. In my opinion, kindness is a manifestation of empathy and altruism.

    When a person can understand and sympathize with another, and do something for him selflessly.

    1. “Let me help you carry things, give me that package over there “(caring, help)
    2. “Yes, alo, yes, I can hear you, why are you calling so late? What happened?” Ah, tell me… “(understanding)
    3. “Hello, can I please, thank you, thank you” (polite address)
    4. “So, wait, what happened here? What didn't you share?” (the desire to understand the situation and find a compromise for two)
    5. “Damn, I almost broke my legs in this pitch darkness, thank you for supporting me” (mindfulness, help)
    6. “Hi, yes, I noticed that you're a bit weird today, are you all right?”(interest, fear that something is wrong, tries to understand)
    7. A car that stopped in front of a pedestrian crossing when it could have passed and you think: “we need to cross quickly so as not to delay!”(reciprocity)
    8. “he couldn't do this to you at all, how dare he!” (calms/ supports)
    9. “Leave my classmate alone, you are also to blame” (defense)
    10. Good people often run errands to their own detriment
    11. “Mom, my God, what a cute kitten, let's take him, he's here alone, he's clearly not whose” (can't pass by the weak)
    12. Good people rush to cry for help without hesitation, when others may not pay attention
  22. Good is good deeds. Good can be in small things, for example, to hold the door when someone enters or leaves, but to start a charge of joy for the whole day

  23. true kindness is the willingness to give what you need yourself. not everyone can do a truly good deed, not for the approval of others or for any benefit, but selflessly, just to make a person happier)

  24. Kindness is rather an ancient concept, which has not extracted its essence at the present time. Lyrics, in fact. How can you move in the subway, knowing your daily route in the morning, withdraw from your mob.devices photos, videos, likes you need to click on the same, adding all this to listening to music when the cerebellum refuses to coordinate. Squeezing into the train car, the body does not calm down on what has been achieved, the battery is still strong, although there is also a remote way to de-activate this knowledge of the world, in the form of taking out akka (advertising in the subway wi-fi body data touches), and the deltoid muscles hold the defense! And then the enrichment of devices at work, and the reverse “home”. A lot of information arrived during the day. It's time for a reputation, yours and mine)


  25. Kindness is caring, caring, helping,and being polite to other people completely selflessly.Lack of envy and anger. This is very rare now.People are angry with each other right now. Envy hovers in the minds of citizens, sometimes you even see the hateful attitude of people towards each other. But hatred destroys everything inside a person. Kindness creates.

  26. Kindness is a character trait, the ability to give others a good mood and support, the ability to wrap a person in care, listen carefully or just gently touch, the ability to worry and help in any situation, and this is done sincerely without waiting for a reward. I think so

  27. Well said Eduard Asadov:

    Be kind, don't be angry, have patience.
    it's not just your mood that depends on your bright smiles,
    But a thousand times the mood of others.

  28. Kindness is when you help people without asking for anything in return, without demanding gratitude, when you empathize, empathize, love, when you are generous and selfless. Your kindness makes other people smile and makes you happier. Kindness is one of the best qualities of a person.

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