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  1. Guy de Maupassant has a wonderful short story on this subject, which is called : “Loneliness”. I highly recommend you to read it. Here are a few quotes, although any phrase from there is already a ready-made aphorism.

    “Of all the riddles of human existence, I have solved one: we suffer most from eternal loneliness in life, and all our actions, all our efforts are aimed at escaping from it. And they, these lovers, huddled on benches in the open air, like us, like all living things, try not to feel alone for a moment; but they, like us, have always been and will always be alone. “

    “What an incomprehensible mystery — the unknown thought of another person, a hidden and free thought that we can neither recognize, nor direct, nor subdue, nor overcome! “

    “When love comes, the soul is filled with unearthly bliss. Do you know why? Do you know why this feeling of great happiness? Just because we imagine that loneliness has come to an end. We think that we will stop being abandoned, lost in the world. What a delusion! “.

  2. Loneliness is essentially a feeling of need for something; a feeling of lack of something or someone: a person who would love you or a kindred spirit who understands you or shares your interests. There may be material loneliness – when you do not have enough necessary things for your comfortable existence. The main thing is not to confuse loneliness with melancholy. It is more fundamental than the latter. After all, melancholy is a temporary loss or change in the situation, it passes: a loved one returns, a thing is bought, etc.And loneliness is when there is still nothing to lose.

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