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  1. Loneliness can be both physical and psychological.

    The first type involves finding a person physically alone. At the same time, he himself can be very comfortable, and he even strives for such loneliness.

    The second option implies a psychological distance from others. A person can live in a large family, work in a large team, have many friends, but inwardly be very lonely, feel a spiritual emptiness due to the fact that there is no kindred spirit who would understand him. I have no one to share my experiences, thoughts, or goals with.

  2. Loneliness is when a person feels like a stranger in this world. This feeling does not depend on the number of people around it.

    When a person intentionally remains alone, moving away from society for some personal reasons, this is solitude, not loneliness.

  3. Purely in my opinion, this is the impossibility of real communication, communication, perhaps due to internal psychological problems, with a negative subjective assessment. When one feels bad, but you can't be with someone else. It feels like you are in a transparent shell, inside which there is a vacuum, from which you can not get out, and no one can reach you from the outside

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