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  1. The apostle Paul gave a remarkable description of love: “Love is long-suffering, merciful, love does not envy, love does not exalt itself, is not proud, does not behave outrageously, does not seek its own, is not provoked, does not think evil, does not rejoice in unrighteousness, but rejoices with the truth; bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things” (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7).

  2. Hello! Love is the feeling that makes up your soul. Love is given to you from the beginning and this feeling is in you. This is your bright beginning, from which the very love for yourself begins. It all starts with yourself. Love is unconditional and fearless. Only she can resist any evil, even the Devil himself (Master and Margarita)

    But to do this, you need to believe in it. Believe that your soul is love, and that love is a part of God. So you are a part of God.

    And if you believe in love, then this is an unconditional power, so you can not only love yourself, but you can love the whole world, and everything around you. (take care, pay attention, give bright moments and a sense of joy)

    And if you can love, then you are a happy person, and if you are happy, then you have high vibrations and this state implies spiritual growth.

    This condition indicates that a person is not afraid to love, which means that he is honest with himself and with everyone. If he knows that he can love, then he is confident in himself. And if he knows what will happen to him tomorrow, then he is building his happy future and strive to create a happy fate for himself and his loved ones.

  3. A person in his life experiences and observes completely different manifestations of Love. This is a quiet, smooth, harmonious relationship between spouses, this is the love of parents for their child, love for the motherland, nature, and so on…

    We are entities consisting of two energies: Yin and Yang and were created to achieve harmony between these two principles, which complement each other.

    Men and women have different tasks and responsibilities.

    A man is an emitter of energy, there is a mind, there is a guide to life, takes on most of the responsibility for the family. A woman is an emotion, a unique vessel that absorbs and transforms energy, materializing a new creation of nature (a child). The combination of these two energy signs creates a unique harmony, which is called true Love, service to each other! The relationship between a man and a woman is not just about procreation.

    Love is a state of Harmony of the unity of Souls, which makes people exalted in the literal and figurative sense of the word. A person who has experienced the conditionLove, a state of Harmony is a full-fledged and harmonious person of high vibration, who has known the peaks of the unity of man and the World!

    We also observe harmonious and complementary relationships inside the human body, where all the organs are in harmony with each other and serve each other. Therefore, the Whole (our body) lives and develops. If they functioned independently, without taking into account the needs of each other, the body would die very quickly.

    Man is also part of the Whole (the Higher Cosmic Intelligence) that created us in Love and Equality. If we understand this, there will be no problems in the relationship between countries (bodies), people (cells).

    We should strive for the Unconditional Love that our Creator constantly sends us, and we simply bathe in this Love, but we are not always able to feel it, because we are preoccupied with the problems of the material world. Small children have the quality of Unconditional Love, they have not yet lost touch with the Divine World. We need to learn this from them, and this means opening our hearts to the world around us, cultivating purity of thought.

    Being aware of ourselves as a part, one of the many Manifestations of the Creator (the Whole), being in the Divine Space, we simply cannot help but strive to be in Harmony with this Space, not to experience feelings of Love and Gratitude to the CREATOR and to all His manifestations.

    When we unite in the exercise of our Free Will, we can change this World for the better. So that, if not us, then our children will return to the Beautiful World that was originally created for us by the Universe.

    Our daily updatesMessages of Love and Spiritual Unity help to increase the vibration of Space, awaken a higher awareness in people, which will change not only Space, but also the course of historical events!

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