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  1. LEGALLY and practically, the implementation is evaluated and awarded as much as possible.

    The idea is very difficult to evaluate and reward in practice.

    They don't give you Nobel prizes for an idea, but they give you prizes for its implementation.

  2. An idea is almost worthless in the real world. You can't patent an idea, you can only patent its implementation.

    For example, in my mid-2000s, I might have had the idea to create a social network, but I didn't do anything, unlike Mark Zuckerberg, whose Facebook account is now used by more than a billion people around the world.

  3. How can I put an ” or ” between these concepts?! Without an Idea, the Implementation cannot take place! So the idea is even more important.. The source – it always feeds the continuation.. It is from the beginning (idea) that the result (implementation) depends. After all, you can come up with a hell of a lot of things and implement it.. What good will it do you if the Idea itself is rubbish? I don't think you need to answer this question!)

  4. There are completely different spheres of human activity. In some of them, ideas have value, such as in theoretical science. But in most cases, the idea is worthless. Now there are entire websites with ideas that are posted by people who are unable to implement them.

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