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  1. Narrative – (Lat. narrative-a linguistic act, i.e. verbal presentation-as opposed to presentation) is a concept of postmodern philosophy that fixes the process of self-realization as a way of being a narrative (or, according to R. Barth, “communicating”) text. Its main characteristics can be called self-worth and self-sufficiency.

    In other words, within the framework of a narrative story, the meaning of an event arises in the context of the story about the event. The meaning of an event is related to its interpretation immanently, that is, “the story is created for the sake of the story” and does not actually affect reality.

    In the postmodern narrative, narration is not so much a literary form as an epistemological category. That is, such a narrative is an abstract coordinate in which a person learns the world from stories about this world, and not through his own perception.

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