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  1. Postmodern relativism is, in short, a variant of negative relativism, but not as primitive and flat as the sophists'.�

    “The philosophy of postmodernism is not a philosophy of grandiose canvases, but a philosophy of a patchwork quilt or even a carpet of dead leaves blown by the wind, a philosophy of etching dogmas, a philosophy of small steps, running eyes, language games and jokes, kicks and pinches. It is negative and destructive. But that's the positive part: it's one step from rejecting monism to understanding relativism. ' (c)boldachev

  2. Relativism is, if simplified, the idea that any knowledge and any values are relative, conditioned by the situation. There is no independent absolute Truth or absolute values. And postmodernism is characterized by the rejection of” big narratives “(“great projects”), distrust of any ideologies and all kinds of” theories of everything”, it calls everything into question.

    However, I think it is worth noting that conservative-minded citizens often use the terms “postmodernism” and” relativism “as swear words, and even more so “postmodern relativism”)

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