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  1. Poststructuralism is a generalization of approaches to understanding cultural activities, texts created on the threshold of the 70-80's. It also does not act as an independent philosophical teaching. In post-structuralism, the attitude to culture as a text and the orientation to the analysis and interpretation of textual phenomena of culture are preserved, but the approach to the text itself is completely changed. The object of consideration and analysis is everything that remains outside the framework of structural understanding. Post-structuralism touches more on the meaning of body and power than on object and language, for example. So too is the denial of all that is social.�Poststructures are provided, as it were, with energy coming from outside. Now let's summarize all of the above. Post-structuralism is a kind of reaction to the meaningless traditional philosophizing, which is characterized by a blurring of genre criteria of philosophical reasoning.

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