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  1. Of being [as such] we can say that it is; in other words, pure being is an immediacy that contains nothing in itself, as nothing, equal to nothing else; for if being had a certain content in itself, it would not be an indefinite immediacy, which is the opposite of a definite [concentrated] being, an existing being. To paraphrase, being is strictly indeterminate, so there is nothing, so it has no properties; if A is characterized by the same relations and connections that B is characterized by, then A and B are identical, and therefore being is identical with nothing. Conclude: clean Genesis contains net nothing but net nothing contains pure being, respectively; being and nothingness taken make up the whole, however, common sense is not a being and nothing; in Hegel the absolute is the being, when we Express existence as a predicate of a universal, or whole, but nothing (oblivion, denial of existence) is also an absolute, or absolute negation, or the first principle, and the whole — the coincidence of essence and existence in the reflection in itself, one who is absolute basis, which is its own cause.

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