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  1. Centaurism is a modern philosophical trend. Its essence is to consider the problem of compatibility of the incompatible and the combination of the incongruous. The name comes, as you might guess, from the centaur-a man with the body of a horse. You may not understand anything, but that's the point. Centaurism, for example, proves that everything in this world is interconnected and everything complements each other. The creator of this term is the Russian writer Daniil Danin, author of the book “The Inevitability of a Strange World”, which has been translated into 11 languages.

    So, Danin himself said in an interview with Radio Liberty that for him Centaurism is an attempt at a science that has no history. In the 80s, in one of his works, he wrote: at least for fun, you can predict that one day there will be a whole science-Centauristics. Its subject will be the subtle structure of paradoxes, oxymorons, antitheses, and any combination of incongruities in general.” According to him, Centaurism is not a dialectical struggle of opposites and their unity, because in the centaur there is no struggle between two sides (rider and horse). Centaur emphasizes the world of combining incongruities. Danin believed that the existence of a scientific and artistic genre is already a kind of Centaurism.

    According to the same, in general, Danin, each of us is a kind of centaur: our brain has two hemispheres, each of which “rummages” in something different that is not compatible with each other. In general, the message of Centaurism is that everything around you can be inherently incompatible with each other by definition. But in fact, it works. And the writer does not deny that Centaurism is the norm, but sometimes there may be people who are obsessed with one thing. Something like this.

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