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  1. Definition of philosophical terms is best given, avoiding filling them with ideas of a specific direction. To say, for example, that” objective reality ” is exclusively matter is to move from a general discussion to an exposition of a concrete (materialistic) philosophical concept. Thus, the study of philosophy is replaced by the presentation of ideas of a particular school.

    Following this principle, the most correct definition of” objective reality ” would be as follows: objective reality is a reality independent of the subject. The very concept of “reality” does not have an unambiguous definition. Among the main understandings of reality are “everything that exists in general; the objective world; reality”. Of these meanings, the phrase “objective reality” refers to the first. Then what exists is broken down into what exists objectively and what exists subjectively or intersubjectively.

    Another way to approach this question is etymological. The Latin word obiectus means “placed opposite”, “opposite”, and subiectus means “placed next to “or”placed under”. It turns out that the “subjective” is the closest, most directly given (in our own consciousness), while the objective is something that appears as external, opposite to us, something that we encounter as something alien in relation to us.

    Different schools responded differently to the question of what objective reality is, whether it exists in principle, whether we can know it, and if so, how.

  2. Objective reality is an idealized concept, which means the ultimate truth. This concept has its roots in Plato and his Theory of Ideas. Psychologically, it is based on the human need to simplify ideas, taking some for the truth (objective reality) , because our brain has limited memory and data processing power.

    Even if we assume that there is an objective reality, no one will ever know what it is. At different times, scientists have seen this objective reality differently. Now this concept is a means of pressure and manipulation in order to be able to refute the opponent's position without proof. For example, saying “you are wrong, because the objective reality is different.”

  3. I think that the term objective reality is something hypothetical, which in reality no one has actually seen in general and cannot explain.

    Before I was born, as experts say, I felt my mother and people close to me as an objective reality.

    After birth, the ability to walk, see, hear, and feel expanded significantly.

    Travel and travel also broaden your horizons.

    Constant training and self-study allows you to correctly see new diverse signs.

    There are more than a dozen scientific methods of structuring and modeling that show and measure properties that are not obvious to the average person.

    Plus the experience of other countries and peoples.

    Interesting universe and literature, and so on.

    In each new case, when we come into contact with something in our consciousness, local pictures of reality change. Using some techniques of the art of visualization and scientific modeling, we can synthesize a complete object in the mind. The paradigm is changing, all views and tools are changing. We can compare the trends of these images and talk about their capabilities, build scenarios for the development of the situation. But we will never be able to see the full real picture.

    Therefore, we can talk about archaic, classical, canonical and heretical, advanced, retrospective, proactive, project-based and other pictures of real reality. But never about full objective reality. Considering also the fact that a significant part of this reality is mobile, since it is regularly created by individuals and their communities themselves. And each person and even nation has its own inputs and” sieves ” for recognizing a situation. Therefore, a significant part of the understood reality is myths.

    Objective reality is an opportunity to always see something new, and this property is almost unlimited. In general, its knowledge is infinite…

    Thus, in order to better understand objective reality as an opportunity for professional success, I suggest that you “train your head muscles” by mastering the art of visualization, fact analysis, and scientific modeling.


  4. Objective reality is a philosophical category for referring to the world as it really is. This category is the opposite of another – “subjective reality”, which means the world as people understand it. People mostly strive to fully understand the world as it really is, that is, they strive to understand objective reality. Although sometimes there are cases of deliberate distortion of the understanding of the world. But in general, humanity is moving towards an increasingly complete and correct understanding of the world. Human practice is the criterion of truth and correct understanding of objective reality. Subjective reality can also be considered as part of objective reality. In this case, humanity objectively considers its own understanding of the world and analyzes what is true in this understanding and what is not. But in this way, a new subjective reality of a higher level appears. In the future, this process is repeated indefinitely in the form of iterations. And in the end, it brings humanity closer to a more correct understanding of the world.

  5. Wikipedia provides an answer to this question. Wikipedia, the resource that is filled with selected answers from science and “specialists”, what they think about this. In other words, Wikipedia is a program with predefined algorithms.

    Everything that a person does (explores ) bears traces of his participation (mental first of all). If objectivity means that something exists outside of human consciousness, then paying attention to this something from the human consciousness distorts objectivity.

    Research results have to be adjusted because of this “interference”. Correction itself is also an inhibition of consciousness in the correction of results and further “pollutes” objectivity.

    As for reality, the only eternal and living Reality is what the Hindus call Paramatma and Parabrahman. It is the one ever-existing Root Essence (Absolute, God, etc. – according to taste and consciousness), unchangeable and unknowable to our physical senses, but clear and clearly perceptible to our spiritual nature. If we are imbued with this basic idea and the further concept that if It is omnipresent, all-encompassing, and eternal, like abstract Space itself, then we must have emanated from It and must return to It one day, then everything else is easy to assimilate.

    Existence is; but when a being does not feel it, it is not there for that being. Pain from surgery is real, although the patient does not feel it, and for this patient it is not there.

    The idea that things can cease to exist and still be is central to Eastern Psychology. In this apparent contradiction of terms lies a fact of Nature that is far more important to understand intellectually than to discuss words. A close example of such a paradox is given by a chemical combination. Question – Do hydrogen and oxygen really cease to exist when they combine to form water? Some argue that since they reappear after the decomposition of water, they must remain in it all the time. Others argue that if they are really transformed into something completely different, then they must cease to exist as such for the time being; but neither side is able to form even the faintest idea of the true state of what has become something else and yet remains itself. The existence of oxygen and hydrogen in the form of water can be called a state of Non-Being, which is more real Being than their existence in the form of gases; and it can loosely symbolize the state of the universe when it goes to Sleep or ceases to exist during its dissolution, only to awaken or re-emerge when the Dawn of a New Manvantara ( the period of life of the phenomenal universe) calls it into what we call real existence. From the point of view of such a unified reality, our world is illusory. But for a person it is real. Therefore, the objective reality in the consciousness of a person is limited by the physical plane on which his consciousness mainly acts.

  6. Earlier, in the era of film cameras, it was possible to speak of objective reality as something that fell into the “field of view” of the camera lens.

    To this day, we still admire the objective reality that was captured on photographic film.

    Now, in the era of digital cameras, even this reality caught in the camera lens is no longer an objective reality due to the abundance of photo editors and distraught photographers who rape this very objective reality with their imaginations.

    No more objective reality! 🙂

  7. “reality” and “reality” can be schematically represented as two partially combined circles, while the area of combining circles is “objective reality”, and the remaining part of subjective reality that does not fit with reality is the field of idealists ' activity…


  8. Not a simple question. We believe that the world around us is an objective reality. This concept becomes true as opposed to subjectivity. There is a statement: if there is no subject – there is no object. But this does not mean that “objective reality” does not exist, since before the appearance of man, the World existed in an unmanifested state of consciousness.

    By definition, “objective reality” does not depend on consciousness. Therefore, it is not perceived by a person and therefore not knowable. It is logical that an independent observer, i.e. God, should correspond to a reality independent of consciousness. Therefore, “objectivism” cannot do without God as the creator of” objective ” laws.

    The subjectivity of the World is easily provable: the subject of knowledge is a person, and the “object” of knowledge is his sensations, feelings and representations, which are always relative and exist for him under the condition of his Life. The “objectivity” of the World is the total experience of people's feelings by the concept of existence in a World independent of these feelings. Therefore, the “objectivity” of the World is basically unprovable. It is more correct to use the concept of simply REALITY, that is, what we feel and can imagine, based on our own and collective historical experience of knowing the World around us.

  9. Objective people call the reality that they have agreed on-to perceive it equally, without fundamental differences. What is considered an objective reality is a matter of agreement, and therefore of limited convention. In contrast to the” contractual ” limitations of objective reality, the depth of subjective reality depends on the process of individual development in the refinement of feelings, and as a result, in the expansion of the consciousness of a reasonable subject.

    The scope of objective reality for humanity is constantly expanding precisely due to the expansion of subjective knowledge, which is translated into the category of scientific knowledge.

  10. I believe that these are the laws of physics and other sciences, for example, such quantities,

    such as the number 3.14, the PH of the medium, the boiling point of liquids, and the like.

    Only accurate scientific data.

  11. This is what the device sees. What becomes a fact. What the researcher comes from. Or a construction worker. Or a business person. Here is the bee, what is the reality? Some flowers. Family in the hive. The man is some kind of beekeeper. This is subjective. But the journey of honey from the hive to the jar, and then to the market, and then to the addresses, this is the objective reality.
    Objectivity was invented because too many brainwashers. Objectively, you have an organism. How old, how many teeth. And what you think about yourself, people, and the world is all subjective. Like in the movie The Matrix. One long sleep, of alternating dreams every day. Where a person can be a manager, have a family, or have a country. And then one, hop, and there's nothing. Another country. My wife went to another man. The job went bankrupt. And now debts. In front of everyone. Here are the cases. But objectively, as they came, so they will bury them. And they'll forget. Because there are millions of you. And everyone wants something. But no one does anything. Objectively, we have a hundred million organisms. Who consider themselves to be someone, something. They're going somewhere. For some purpose. Objectively, they want to eat. Live in a warm environment. As in the army, simple needs. Body, inventory, squares, volumes. Facts, material for science.

  12. A natural understanding of the complete universe itself! An ant that understands the human world, and tries to live without disturbing the general structure of the whole and the present world! And not sitting on a birch leaf, and not thinking about an anthill on an elephant's ass! By the way, do not know when we will move to Mars? That would be all there to make a mess to the last limit!!!

  13. Opinion and view on behalf of society, but these are only rules and stereotypes invented and imposed on us, a person should have his own personal (subjective ) view and opinion on the reality around us ( subjective reality )

  14. Dmitry Moiseev, the world around us consists of objects that are recorded by our senses (we see them, hear them, touch them, smell them, etc.). : “we feel”). So the word “object”in Latin is called Objectum (“object”). Consequently, the world around us is a collection of “objects” or “objects”. That is, it is an “objective world” or an”objective world”. But in this world there are also people ” subjects “who, as already mentioned above,” feel “this”objective (objective) world”. And so these “subjects”, based on their feelings, begin to draw conclusions and ask questions about how much their feelings of this” objective (objective) world ” correspond to reality, reality, that is, the world really exists. This really (really, objectively) existing world is the “objective reality” that is given to us in sensations. “Objective reality” exists independently of our consciousness. Therefore, the phrases “objective reality” and ” real object(“world”) ” are synonymous.

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