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  1. Affluence in a society is a situation of sufficient resources for the reproduction of this type of society, which is so organized, on such grounds and within such limits (territorial, semantic, etc.).

    It is clear that wealth is something that exceeds the needs of society for reproduction.

  2. The seed of poverty is sown in this very question, because it is assumed that you are NOT currently rich and should attract wealth.

    Wealth can only come from the wealth that already exists in your mind, being, and consciousness.

    Focus on the wealth you already have, appreciate it, and enjoy it.

    And then even more wealth will come to you. Naturally. This is the Law.

    The law of attraction is more like the law of reflection: you will discover in your life what was in your mind. Here is a good statement about this https://zen.yandex.ru/media/id/60799b5eea5def1c64469570/denejnye-primety-bogatyh-liudei-608fc489fe106d592204e383

  3. In my opinion, wealth is a sufficient fullness of something, whether it's money, a rich inner world, a decent environment, or in general a wonderful life in which you have everything (and you are happy with everything).

  4. In your own words
    , a DISCLAIMER! I don't convert anyone to my faith, but then I talk about it.
    Wealth for someone is when there is a lot of money. Cars there, apartments, expensive phones…
    For me, wealth is not so much material security as mental and spiritual security. What is mental wealth? This is the amount of knowledge that a person has.
    Spiritual wealth is something more for a believer. This is both the knowledge of faith and its strength. A truly religious person cannot be “dissuaded” from believing; moreover, he does not even allow the thought of the absence of God. And if there is a God, which is certain, then material wealth has no meaning.
    Something like that.

  5. Wealth as a term can be viewed from many angles.

    One thing remains the same: in each case, wealth shows abundance.

    I assume that the most common option is the monetary equivalent. Which is quite reasonable, since many of our values in the modern world are provided to us for money.

    Most applicable to the richness of interpretation, I would attach

    money, knowledge, and environment.

  6. For me, wealth is the opportunity to realize my ideas and the freedom to choose not only decisions, but also to move around the world, regardless of political and other situations.

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