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  1. Baudrillard is remarkable for many people. This is a bright author who has inspired many information guides that go beyond philosophy with his texts. In fact, almost every philosopher who manages to go beyond popularity only within the discipline becomes a remarkable person. This, of course, has a downside — Baudrillard is still more popular among the intellectual public than in the modern professional philosophical environment.

    In short, Baudrillard is particularly notable for giving sociology to postmodern philosophy. In more detail, this is probably a big part of why he became a significant thinker:

    1. Baudrillard productively analyzed contemporary society, offering concepts that are still relevant today. For example, consumer society, symbolic exchange, and hyperreality.

    2. He also significantly strengthened the trend towards interdisciplinarity.

    3. Baudrillard was a critical and insightful commentator on many significant events, such as the Gulf War and the September 11 terrorist attack.

    4. He offered an original view of terrorism, which has become quite common. When it is considered that terror is especially terrible in its informational impact, which instills total uncertainty and fear.

    5. He criticized both orthodox Marxism and contemporary Western liberalism.

    6. I came up with a “simulacrum”. Many people have been interested in this concept for many years.

    7. Baudrillard became a “postmodern visionary”, as many of his assumptions and conclusions became apparent to most only decades later.

    8. He made a significant contribution to modern media theory.

    9. In “The Conspiracy of Art”, he so skilfully criticized contemporary art that he undermined the peace of mind of the entire art bohemia of that time. In principle, the position from this essay also went to the people and in fact is the basic version of criticism of contemporary art.

    10. Jean Baudrillard liked to troll, but in such a way that initially the “fat stuffing” was revealed as a multidimensional critical analysis.

    11. In Fatal Strategies, he also revealed his sophisticated methodology, which hints at the possibility of fruitful followers.

    12. He left his mark in cultural studies, although Jean himself was skeptical, if not nihilistic, about culture.

    13. He gave his own reading of economics and politics, which essentially excludes both the former and the latter in the usual sense.

    14. He is remembered in sociology as a radical postmodernist, but postmodernism itself did not approve and opposed postmodernism (see point 9).

    15. Significantly influenced the art. For example, in literature, the novel “Pattern Recognition” by cyberpunk founder William Gibson is imbued with the Baudrillard spirit. Pelevin also comments on Baudrillard's ideas in one way or another all the way.

  2. If you are asking, I dare say that for the majority of middle-class Russian intellectuals (like me), Baudrillard is remarkable only for coining the beautiful, and most importantly, unintelligible word “simulacrum” (cf.: cyranodebergerac). They don't know anything else about him. So it seems to me. Sorry for the attention.

  3. Jean Baudrillard is known as the creator of one of the most striking social and philosophical works-“Consumer Society”. In his work, he describes the essence of the main problem of modern society – thoughtless consumption of industrial items. Baudrillard examines the main aspects of consumer theory – the impact of pop culture and media on society. In the future, he develops these ideas, which eventually take shape in the famous article” There will be no Gulf War”, where he examines the influence of the media on reality itself and the perception of events.

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