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  1. Space is a stationary activity. The word immobile means such changes that a person and his technical receivers are not able to detect. The word activity means linear, surface, and volumetric continuous change. Stationary activity means any changes that humans and their technical receivers are unable to detect. Space is reality.

    Volume is not reality, it is the imagination of people who isolate all spatial quantities, including any activity, from a part of space. And they begin to mentally draw everything they want in their own volume. But since they have removed the activity from the volume, their mental image will be fixed, abstract, that is, a model. If they didn't delete the activity, their mental constructions would automatically come to life. But to do this, you need to learn how to combine it with activity.

    The basis of the universe is continuity, so any real space can be stretched to infinity. Virtual (abstract) space is, again, the human imagination. And the imagination of an earthly person at this level of development is the volume from which he has removed any reality. Since the imagination of an earthly person is always a finite quantity, and reality is always continuous(besk. big and besk. at the same time a small) quantity, then in any small, but real space, you can always put any super-huge human space.

  2. Does this mean that space itself is immeasurable and infinitely large and inward, meaning that space has no points and pixels, no matter how much we increase the observation at one small point, the space between quarks and further?

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