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  1. The Internet has excellent lectures on the history of religion from MGIMO Professor A. B. Zubov, but it is better to listen to them in chronological order, everything is detailed + excellent Russian. On religion-philosophy of India, he has about 25 lectures in this cycle. There are books by Max Muller ” Six Systems of Indian Philosophy “(including in audiobook format), E. Torchinov “Introduction to Buddhism”, S. Chatterjee and D. Dutta “Indian Philosophy”

  2. It is probably best to start with the Gita ,because it is the fifth Veda, the Upanishad, the Mahabharata, and so on and so forth. All the same, it contains all the concepts most concisely. And from more or less secular Hindu teachers, I advise you to read Radhakrishnan-he literally described the whole of Hinduism in 3 words, so do not add, do not add

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