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  1. Determinism asserts a rigid relationship between cause and effect. The chain of causal relationships can be traced back to the origin of the world, the past determines the future.

    Fatalism asserts the predestination of consequences regardless of the “causes”.

    If absolutely on the fingers:

    I have a glass of poison in front of me.

    I'm a determinist. I am convinced that tomorrow I will die if I drink a lethal dose of poison for a person. I can't help but drink it, because the state of my brain determines that tomorrow I will raise the glass to my mouth.

    I'm a fatalist. I am convinced that tomorrow I will die. I'll die if I drink the poison. I'll die if I don't drink it. I can do whatever I want. But nothing I do will change the fact that it is my destiny to die tomorrow.

  2. Pattern or Fate? Logic or Faith? Objectivity or subjectivity?

    Determinism is more about development, from causes to effects, which in turn become causes of new effects, etc..

    Fatalism is more about degradation, consequences that tend to result.

    Constructive and destructive in evaluating the same phenomenon, in relation to everything in all dimensions.

    I would say that the fundamental difference is limited.

    They believe where they can't know. After all, it is no longer necessary to believe in what you know.

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