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  1. Problems in different sciences. Once there was no word lumpen,and that savages, that homeless people were called marginals, then sociology or something else added the word lumpen to its dictionary and began to separate them, because the possibilities of lumpens in fact rose, they also feed there, etc., and so they lived in cities like animals, so they were not really distinguished. But for some reason, our literature did not accept the changes,and so let's say the heroes of the work “At the Bottom” by M. Gorky are called “marginals”,although they are just homeless people. They are still called. Who is to blame ? Our culture, which cannot quickly integrate everything into all environments. I myself,when I was a schoolboy, was burning with the fact that I was given a minus, because I wrote that the characters “At the Bottom”are lumpens , I already thought of writing to the director that something would be done with this beozbraziy,but they explained to me that life is rotten, and in literature they are still marginal. Well, the misfits are like Robinson Crusoe, just like the gangs of robbers who lived in the woods. And believe me, this is not the biggest mistake of our people. So many other things have gone unnoticed from physics, chemistry,IT, which are simply necessary EVERYWHERE. But our education system creates such things that people do not know, people confuse, thank you all, everyone is free.�

    P.S. I can give you an example of the afigennost of our education system. You're sitting in a lecture hall. And it seems interesting. But every time the topic comes up: “and we will discuss this in the 3rd semester, if you do not fly out” WELL, GREAT. Then why is it necessary at all? In a year's time, I won't even remember what we talked about if only 10% of the information is complete in my head. Therefore, even people come out of universities stupidly empty…

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