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  1. There is no difference between Satan and the devil. Since the word “Satan “is Aramaic in origin and means” deceiver “or”slanderer”. And the word “devil” is ancient Greek (διάβολος), and it means exactly the same thing.
    In the Christian tradition, both of these words are synonymous. The Devil or Satan is the antagonist of God, who leads the righteous astray through deception and intrigue. At the same time, Satan is not equal to God in power and cannot equally resist Him. Satan exists because God allows him to exist.
    In the Middle Ages, Satan had many names, including Lucifer and Baphomet. The word “Baphomet” is already of Latin origin (“Baphometh” – demon, idol). In the 15th century, Eliphas Levi depicted Satan for his Tarot deck. This image was called “Baphomet”. Since then, this word has been strongly associated with the “canonical” symbol of Satan.

  2. Satan and the devil are one and the same spiritual being who is an opponent of God. Literally “deceiver”, “shifter”. In modern terms, we can say that the devil is a surrogate for God.

    But in different languages, so there is some difference.

    Satan is the Hebrew word for it. In Judaism, Satan is not so terrible, it is a test of people's loyalty to God.

    The devil is Greek. This is Christianity. Here the devil is already testing the strength of God himself! See Matthew chapter 3. This is already a serious struggle, Armageddon.

    Baphomet is a demon subordinate to the devil. It is linked to the Templar charge. Which, as you know, the Catholic Church betrayed. I think modern Satanists have chosen to worship this demon in order to discredit Catholicism, recalling the dark pages of its history.

  3. The main difference is that these are concepts related to different times. The oldest of them is “The Devil” – according to what is written in Richard Cavendish's book”Black Magic”. In his opinion, originally a Jewish concept that denoted the angel of the prosecutor, who collected “dirt” on a person during life, and after death demanded his punishment. Later, he was associated with the Christian Satan, who is precisely the enemy of God. And they began to imagine that he not only collects dirt, but also incites a person to sin

    Baphomet appeared later than anyone else and there are several theories about the origin of this word. 1-popular ideas about the “wife of Satan/the devil”, 2-incorrectly translated into French the word “Mohammed” during the Crusades. Then it was believed that Muslims were idolaters, and “Mahomet/Baphomet” is the name of the idol that Muslims worship. Maybe there's something else.

    The image of Baphomet really influenced the classics of occultism-White and Levy. But how White portrayed him as the devil. And Levi, who created the “canonical” image, represented it as a symbol and embodiment of the highest alchemical knowledge. Later, Lavey joined the image of Baphomet with his Church of Satan and the “Sigil of Baphomet”, although in this sigil from Baphomet only the face of a goat is not correct.

  4. The Devil is God. Not fallen, but simply God (Zeus, Poseidon and Hades are brothers, Hades is the Devil or Lucifer-from the word light).
    Satan is Bacchus. A demigod exiled from Olympus. God of hysteroids and dark forces.
    They are completely different characters.
    The devil is just and guards the border between light and darkness.
    Satan is a goat.
    People have confused the concepts of evil and good precisely because of this confusion

  5. Satan in Hebrew: adversary, slanderer. Devil is the Greek name for Satan and translates as “slanderer”.

    Baphomet in medieval folk beliefs is the wife of Satan. This is a fallen angel who led a rebellion against God and was cast out of heaven.

    Then the image of Baphomet was revived by Eliphas Levi, turning into an androgynous demonic creature.

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