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  1. Some “internets” and param-pam-pam:

    Sociologist Daniel Bell, who formulated the theory of post-industrial society, is currently a proponent of the concept of the information society. For Bell himself, the concept of the information society became a kind of new stage in the development of the theory of post-industrial society. As Bell stated: “the revolution in the organization and processing of information and knowledge, in which the computer plays a central role, is developing in the context of what I have called a post-industrial society.”

    Christian writer and theologian W. Martin believes that the information society is understood as a “developed post-industrial society” that emerged primarily in the West. In his opinion, it is not accidental that the information society is established primarily in those countries — in Japan, the United States and Western Europe — in which a post-industrial society was formed in the 60s and 70s.

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