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  1. Zen is a Japanese retelling of Chinese Chan with go and geishas, which in turn is a retelling of Indian Buddhism (from which they removed a lot of things related to Brahmanism, and at the same time lowered the importance of ahimsa to a state that allowed them to beat the faces of all sorts of bad people).
    In essence, Zen is a teaching=method for achieving some result (getting out of the wheel of samsara), and not a worldview or religion.

    Tao is a purely Chinese trick, a story that everything happens in a particularly correct way, which should be followed. And then life will be easy and pleasant (probably because no one has ever understood what the tao is because of its complete unknowability).

    In fact, Zen is one of the directions of the world religion of Buddhism, they do not beat their faces, meditate, sing hymns, fulfill all sorts of vows (for example, abstain from sex), and other religious paraphernalia.
    And tao is such an ancient propaganda cover for usurping the throne of the emperor (it came complete with an even more brain-breaking “te”), which for some reason began to be considered a kind of sacred knowledge. Initially, it did not claim anything, well, except for determining the legitimacy of the next emperor of the Celestial Empire.
    Then it merged with the local shamanism and transformed into the image of a mythical immortal Taoist who brews the pill of immortality, well, creates miracles along the way.
    For unknown reasons, it merged with qi-gong, and now a Taoist is a person who practices especially cool qi-gong, kachayushy some energy in the body … well, sobsno all.

    With T. Z. Zen: Taoism is certainly fun, but nothing more than another samsaric game.
    With T. Z. tao: Zen may also be part of the tao, or it may not be.As soon as we find out what the tao is, we will immediately answer.

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