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  1. Logically speaking, there are no angels. And if they did exist, then from the point of view of terrestrial aerodynamics, they wouldn't be able to fly.

    Angels in works of art are quite a certain gender, they have primary and secondary sexual characteristics, that is, they are boys, girls, men and women.

  2. Formally, religion explains angels as quanta of divine manifestation (interference in the established material world). That is, if we proceed from their nature, the concept of gender does not apply to them. But angels can manifest in the material world both in the form of non-standard natural phenomena, and in the form of people (for example, bringing a message to a holy person). In this case, they take the form of a person and this “person” seems to have a gender. Tellingly, in the story of Sodom, they were so cute aliens that the city's residents demanded their extradition “in order to know”.

  3. Logically speaking, they are asexual beings. Worldly life is not known to them, so nothing else should bother them like personal belongings. And the specialization is indicated in the title black angels are demons.

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