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  1. By asking such a competent question, I suspect you are anticipating the answer. This function is sometimes called “therapeutic” – philosophy eliminates various ambiguities and contradictions that arise in the process of scientific, empirical knowledge of reality.

    More precisely, philosophy is concerned with clarifying the structure of concepts and categories by which we think about something and know the world and ourselves.

  2. Philosophy deals with the ultimate foundations of human life. As a special case — the foundations of science.

    And the foundations of science cannot be of the same nature as science itself.

    These grounds are metaphysical (extra-experimental, invisible, self-causal, etc.) or existential. Philosophy formulates two basic principles of justification of science: the principle of comprehensibility and the principle of objectification.

    The principle of comprehensibility (this and other principles must be restored every time). In the world there are prerequisites for such a being who is able to know it (the world) and have knowledge about it.

    The principle of objectification. Putting something outside as an object of research that can be talked about in a controlled way and tested by experience.

    By clarifying the foundations of science, philosophy extends the possibility of science. In other words, it allows science to be a cumulative phenomenon, independent of what we learn tomorrow (and don't know today). Otherwise, we would have to rebuild the entire” edifice ” of science with any minor discovery.

  3. Philosophy, by means of things that are visible to man, shows him things that are not visible. Science, art, and religion do just that. Philosophy is the queen of science, not the servant of theology.

  4. The answer requires reformulation. Knowledge cannot be unscientific, or science is pseudoscience. Knowledge is experience and ideas about phenomena and processes in general, science is ways of acquiring knowledge. Then philosophy is a science!, that is, a methodology for understanding the root causes of the world order.

    True philosophy is the comprehension of the fundamental meanings underlying the universe, the development and development of methods for such comprehension.

    Modern philosophical thought, from the point of view of methodology, has stalled on dialectics. And if logic can be figuratively represented as a graph of a function on a plane – a change in the resulting indicator depending on the parameter being changed, then dialectic can be represented as a three-dimensional figure in a three-dimensional (Cartesian) coordinate system. That is, modern philosophy has a developed apparatus for “understanding” phenomena and processes located in a three-dimensional system.

    But, alas, the reality around us is represented in a five-dimensional system:

    visible three-dimensional dimension;

    time that is updated by the civilizational breakthrough (speed of movement, communication, technology development, the emergence of the Internet and IT technologies, digital and robotic systems);

    information – that which gives life to all living things and manifests itself in the meanings (purposes) of phenomena and processes. Information is a source of specific energy, it generates “living” energy and is part of this energy. One of the proofs of its existence is the impossibility of creating a living organism from the components of living matter (i.e., from molecules or atoms of oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, carbon, phosphorus, and other macro-and microelements).

    A contradiction is revealed – modern philosophy, as the science of the main causes of being, does not correspond to the objectively revealed and existing reality.

    THE SOLUTION is presented here: New philosophy of Holy Russia (overcoming the global crisis of changing epochs).

  5. the main function of philosophy in our time is to show that there is Scientific knowledge and there is philosophical demagogy without the ability to “prove, verify the proof, refute the proof” at all.

    After Logic separated from philosophy, the “mother of sciences” was left completely without children and is resting on the sidelines ))

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