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  1. I had the honor of voicing Eckhart Tolle's book “What the Silence Says”. One of the main ideas of his teaching is to abandon the value judgment of everything and everyone and move from the thought process to the process of awareness of life and Existence. I want to say that he did it. Simplicity of formulations and explanations of the various mechanisms of life are laid out in simple forms and explanations. In addition to the fact that I voiced this book, it is available in my library in a printed edition and is on the first shelf. I recommend it to everyone!

  2. My life was shaken up pretty badly by the book Novaya Zemlya. The most important thing that I personally learned from it is the idea that the concepts of “ego” and “I”, as my basic essence, are not identical. It was a phenomenal discovery for me at the time. There are several other, quite interesting, and useful things there. The concept of the “pain body”, and the laws of its vital activity, for example. But the main thing, it seems to me, is disidentification with your thought process. An outside view, so to speak..

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