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  1. I'm quoting someone else's post from ten years ago:

    [“…A phrase I heard this morning from the 80-year-old philosopher and orientalist Alexander Pyatigorsky gets a special meaning.

    (Softly, thoughtfully)”The main feature of Russia is not theft, corruption, stupidity, or malice… not rudeness, not vanity, not ignorance. The main feature of Russia (suddenly switches to shouting) is X…”] (https://trilbyhat.livejournal.com/145032.html) (you can read the rest of the link for yourself).

  2. What is an ordinary Russian person? Why should the meaning of his life be radically different from the meaning of the life of an Englishman or a German?�

    Of course, if Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoevsky were alive right now, he would tear his shirt on his chest and shout: guys, hold me seven, I will now tell you everything about the special path of the God-chosen Russian people, about redemption and purity through suffering, and even about 329 national lotions!!!

    But in fact, you don't need to come up with any special options. The meaning of life for a person of any nationality is a decent life in every sense, raising children, and coming to the aid of your neighbor in a difficult moment. Well, so that there is still a little time for some hobby. In general, do not focus on narrow mercantile interests.

    Don't live a lie, ” Solzhenitsyn said. Although his name acts on many people here and in general like a red rag on a bull – but the saying is in any case to the point

  3. God has no nationalities. All people should learn to distinguish between good and evil, do good, fight evil, develop themselves and improve the world. If you were born in Russia, then you should first of all improve your life in Russia. If you were born Russian, you should honor the traditions of the Russian people and not disgrace the Russian people

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