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  1. Faith in God is a preparation for eternity. All people will end up THERE sooner or later. If you don't believe this, then answer: is everything in nature expedient?- yes. Then what is the purpose of people's desire for fantasy, for fiction, for knowledge of everything, for compassion with everything? why the rich inner world that torments us with its supramateriality? And all this will instantly disappear with physical death? In short, it is necessary to prepare, so as not to be spiritually premature

  2. To believe in God is not just to believe that He exists. Faith in God accompanies a person throughout life, both at work, at home, and just on the street.

    All I'm going to say is about the God of the Bible – the Creator of everything that exists, and the Creator of us as well. A believer believes in the Creator – God; he believes that after physical death, a person will not cease to exist, but only passes to another world, where there is no more time-eternity will come, because a person has an immortal soul. He also believes that there are two places where people will spend eternity: hell or heaven. Everyone who is not reconciled to God on earth will go to eternal suffering.

    The Bible defines faith; faith is the fulfillment of what is expected and the assurance of what is not seen (Hebrews 11: 1). Therefore, a believer is only a person who does not just believe in God, but who, at the same time with confidence in the existence of God, still fulfills the expected, that is, lives a life pleasing to God. If there is only faith in God, and there are no works, then in the Bible such faith is called dead. James 2: 14-17 ” What profit is it, my brethren, if a man says that he has faith, but has no works? can this faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and has no daily food, and one of you says to them, “Go in peace, be warmed and fed,” but does not give them the necessities of the body, what does it profit? So also faith, if it has no works, is dead in itself.” If we constantly talk to someone about our love for them, but we don't actually prove it, then it will just be words. When a person truly believes in God, realizes Who God is, then this realization leads him to live correctly before this God.

    A believer believes that there is an enemy of the human soul – the devil and his servants. Humanity is mired in the sins that the devil obligingly presents through the thoughts of man. By consenting to sin, a person becomes a slave of sin, and therefore of the devil. People can have different addictions, it's not just smoking, drug addiction and drunkenness; someone is addicted to debauchery, someone from computer games or gambling; someone from watching TV; someone is looking for fame; someone is angry, rude, irritable; someone is looking for wealth; someone is a thief; someone spends his life in the continuous pleasures of the flesh and much more. Many people say that they themselves want it and this is their thoughts. Behind all this are not just human thoughts and desires, behind all this is someone who knows exactly what is contrary to God, and brings this evil to people using the thoughts of a person. But a person, not distinguishing that the devil is behind this, agrees, and drowns in evil, after which health is often lost, families are destroyed, someone goes to prison, someone to a mental hospital, someone does not have peace and tranquility in his heart. All these are the consequences of sin in the human heart. Sometimes sinful addictions plunge people into a terrible state, where a person does not see a way out and would like to get out of it, but can not; but it also happens that a person is bathed in evil, and considers himself happy. The Bible says in Ecclesiastes 11:9: “Rejoice, young man, in your youth, and let your heart partake of joy in the days of your youth, and walk in the ways of your heart and in the vision of your eyes; only know that for all these things God will bring you into judgment.”

    And it is precisely through faith in God, through faith in the Son of God, Jesus Christ, whom God sent to earth 2020 years ago to die for the sins of people; and through faith in this, every person has the opportunity to get rid of any sinful dependence. He died and rose again to give people hope for forgiveness of sins and deliverance from them. Through faith, each person has the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness for a wrongly lived life and receive peace with God, and at the end of this temporary short earthly life, inherit eternal life without counting years instead of eternal torment.

    A believer has an inner conversation with God, Who really teaches through His word-the Bible-how to do the right thing in life, so that first of all we feel good. Through faith in God, a person turns to his Creator in prayer with his needs and problems, and God responds to him. God gives us the strength to forgive, the strength to bear difficulties, the strength to love even our enemies, wishing them only good and not having evil in our hearts; and we receive many other things through faith.

    Without faith in the living God, a person is like a newborn child who will die without the help of adults, because he is absolutely unable to live independently. Similarly, we are completely unable to live without God on earth in such a way that at the end of our lives we will receive not eternal suffering, but eternal life.

    Therefore, there is a difference – to believe in It or not, It affects the fate of a person so that the one who was considered already a lost person suddenly changes and becomes completely different: the drug addict ceases to be a drug addict, the evil person becomes kind; the one who loves only himself begins to love others; the person who has held a grudge for years suddenly forgives and does not hold All this is done by God through faith.

    This is a reference to the testimony of one such lost person and found by God.

    Testimony of Sergey Enichev, a former drug addict

  3. God does not require us to believe in ourselves, to worship ourselves. This is not why he gave us complete freedom of choice. But he gave us the rules of life – the commandments, gave us a conscience and reason. And then he expects us to choose the path of good, not evil, and develop towards God. Faith is just one of the factors that helps us along this path.

  4. O man! Can you reach the sun with your hand? No? So there's no sun? It doesn't affect you? Or does it affect you? How to live without the sun?

    Here we are reading a beautiful book. Who is its author? No one? Did she write herself? The author did not influence the text? Or influenced? After all, as the author wanted, so he wrote! Where is he?” On the first page? On the second one? Where is it? There is no author among the pages. But it is there. And he influences his book!

    So is the Lord! And the world did not create itself, it is impossible for the world! The whole world is permeated by laws! Where are they from? How did they appear? Change, O man, if you can, even a fraction of them, and life becomes impossible!

    Who and what lives outside the laws of logic, history, and nature? Who bypassed them? Everyone lives by them! And the laws from where? God has spoken them! On them also the world has created! Everything obeys His word, and nothing goes out of His command!

    But the creature is different from the creature! A rational and free creature must pay homage to its Creator and Guardian! That's the meaning of faith! And the ungrateful and wayward are in for a pitch-black hell forever! That's the meaning of faith! But those who believe and work hard will receive eternal life. That's the meaning of faith!

    God help us to find faith and keep it!

  5. The answer is already embedded in your question.

    Faith and knowledge are diametrically opposed concepts.

    You can't believe what you already know.

    And the meaning of faith is that when it works (it trusts the promises of God described in the Bible), God begins to influence a person and his life, and a person begins to really receive supernatural answers from God to their problems … which has happened many times in my life.

    But the main thing is salvation from God's judgment for our sin through accepting Christ's sacrifice on the cross by this very faith.

    After all, the judgment of God and the punishment for sin is so objective that it does not depend on our faith or unbelief at all, and no one can avoid it.

  6. I'll start with an example. The child went for a walk on the street, and his parents stayed at home to wait for him. At some point, the child can play so much with his friends that he forgets about the existence of his beloved parents at all. This state of consciousness is our present situation. However, time passes and this child feels that he is hungry, tired and wants to be together with his loving parents again. Just like believers, they got tired of playing with matter and remembered that they have real spiritual parents who love him and are waiting for him to get enough of it. Вер Believers know that there is a God because he is in the heart of every person, he never leaves us and they know how to communicate with him right now.

  7. There is no sense in faith, it is a fictional set of rules that few even know.

    Is there a difference ? yes, in both cases you are wasting your time, but if you do not believe, you can do other things and faith will never interfere with you.

    It doesn't affect you, and many people don't know objectively, have never seen or heard the exact signs of its influence.

    Perhaps he is, or not, but you can see that he is not seen or heard in relation to reality, and all the stories about him are just another story full of unclear moments.

  8. Faith is a kind of knowledge. Rather, the reaction of the will to the knowledge of God: the determination to live in accordance with the available religious knowledge.

    “…For I know in whom I have believed… ” (2 Timothy 1: 12)

  9. To believe in God means to “trust” God, not just to acknowledge or deny His existence. Recognizing the existence of God is only the first step of faith. The meaning of faith in God is the certainty that a person has a Protector before a blind fate and that his life does not end with physical death.

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