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  1. The main task of a person is to form a life core. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. The goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself? You need to sit down and think about what can become a support in life. It is possible that this will take more than one day.

  2. Different people have different meanings, different criteria for meaning, and a different process for finding it. This is an empirical fact, and to deny it is a guarantee of failure in the search for meaning. – Another thing is, how much do these differences contribute to – or hinder-our happiness?…

  3. The question of the meaning of life arises primarily from the fear of an inevitable and unpredictable death. We see that people die at very different ages and often unexpectedly, seemingly in ridiculous situations. And we ask ourselves: why did you live, why did you try so hard, hurry, deprive yourself of the joy in order to have time? Make it where? And was it worth it? Therefore, we have no right to advise or even condemn, because we only think that we know what the meaning is.
    But a completely different understanding of the meaning of life appears when we think about our immortal Soul. We forget about her, but she lives our lives with us. It doesn't matter that she's immortal and we're not. She also doesn't want to waste even a brief moment of our lives. And it is she who chooses us and our life as it is and what she needs to get the maximum benefit in the process of her training and striving for her perfection. So we will not let down our Soul and live our life so that it will not be excruciatingly painful later, according to our conscience, not changing ourselves, not playing in life, but opening up to take the best out of it and giving all the best that is in us.

  4. Each has its own meaning. And in general – a person is born to create, transform, store, transfer something to people, everyone has their own purpose and everyone chooses their own path.

  5. Everyone chooses it for themselves. But if you look from the other side, then perhaps everything has already been decided for us. If the second assumption is true, then what we are meant for should at least bring peace.

  6. If you ask a child in kindergarten why he goes there, then the answer will not be complicated ) because dad and mom are at work, and one at home is bored, the first-grader will probably say that he goes to school to learn to read and write, and the student will announce the upcoming career in the chosen field. And by devoting most of our lives to work, we respond to the need to earn money, to realize our grandiose plans or to provide for modest needs.
    But sooner or later the time comes when all these life aspirations, hardships and worries remain in the past.
    And why and for what, someone will ask))
    But we live in order to understand for ourselves and for subsequent generations, even if indirectly, to help them understand that our life that we are living now is just a moment in the Life in which we are developing and of which we are a part.
    Therefore, the meaning of our life is to train and develop our own soul, to become more human, kinder, and learn to Love. This is something that will remain and requires constant improvement.
    Everything else from buying a new car, to success, public recognition, and a career. All this will pass as a fleeting goal.

  7. The main task of a person is to form a life core. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. The goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself? You need to sit down and think about what can become a support in life. It is possible that this will take more than one day.

  8. Veronika, the meaning of life is to bring joy to yourself and others (not to the detriment of one another). If a person harms himself and others, he is a fool, if he harms himself and helps others, he is a simpleton, if a person helps himself and harms others, he is a bandit, and if he helps both himself and others, he is smart. A benefit is no longer a material benefit, but a spiritual one (i.e., a smart volunteer).

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  1. The answer to the question about the meaning of life and the mission of a person may vary, but the main task of a person is to form a life core. Psychiatrist Viktor Frankl believed that a person needs a goal in life, otherwise he will face an existential vacuum. The goal becomes the support that supports a person all the days of his life. What goal/goals can you set for yourself? You need to sit down and think about what can become a support in life. It is possible that this will take more than one day.

    But I would like to say that life becomes more interesting and easier when you understand that there is meaning in your life. So what's the point? You should be the one to answer this question for yourself.

  2. There is no clear answer to this question. For each person, the meaning of life is different. The meaning is revealed in the activity of human interaction with the world. Someone discovers it in religion, someone in the business of all life, etc. So we can say that the meaning of life is in life itself.

  3. I cannot remain indifferent to how incompetently and completely aimlessly people live their lives in a Dense Plan, which is for them one of the most important and mandatory schools of SELF-improvement, because you can not change Eternity for momentary pleasures and you can not change your future for the past! Revelations from the Father Absolute

  4. All people have a different meaning of life. For some, the meaning of life is the search for yourself. The meaning of life can also consist in even the simplest little things, such as making yourself coffee every morning, or maybe something more complicated, the meaning of life is to survive to see something beautiful. That is, everyone sees something different in the meaning of life.

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  1. The question should be formulated differently: WHAT IS THE MEANING OF LIFE FOR ME? And with this formulation of the question, it immediately becomes obvious that the meaning of life for different people is different. You could say that everyone should find it for themselves. But it is clear that many people will never find it at all, or they will only know it closer to the end of their earthly life, like Leo Tolstoy. Therefore, there are two options here: find a person who has the ability to determine the meaning of his life for a person. Or-use the help of Nature (see the book “The Wisdom of trees to activate human DNA”)

  2. This is a question that has long been answered with counter-questions: first, how do you understand the word “meaning”, how do you understand exactly “the meaning of life”, what led you to the question, what kind of answer would you like to take out — and random guessing every time about something about your own-is useless, ready — made answers — tired and useless. And so, question after question — and you will formulate everything perfectly for yourself.

  3. Trying to understand life mentally-initially(!) it is doomed to failure: the human mind is insignificant and powerless before the complex phenomenon of Life.

    Strong zeal in this direction is equivalent to putting more and more stress through a light bulb: sooner or later the lamp will burst, and the thinker's mind will be damaged by the strain.

    The secret lies in the fact that Perception is filled not only with “thoughts”, but also with “feelings”.

    Hence the formula: “Life, women and an arrow in the knee-you need not to understand, but to feel

    When feelings overwhelm your Perception, all questions disappear automatically(there is no need for them anymore): you see the phenomenon as it is – through living/connecting with it. Therefore, develop sensitivity and the mystery of life itself will open up to your eyes.

    This is exactly what all the spiritual practices of the East say : you don't need to go anywhere, everything is already here(the practices are aimed at properly adjusting your Perception).

    P.S. So, any thoughts/questions about the meaning of life should be regarded only as an indicator of the lack of sensory cognition in a person.

    P. P. S. But this is if we talk about the phenomenon of Life-as a kind of Space.

    If you go to a smaller scale: the meaning of human life/the life of a person in society/the life of a particular individual, then the answers will be different-because the context changes. Here we should be more specific – “whose” life we are talking about…

  4. The meaning of human life is in the finiteness of life. What does this mean? That the point is to learn to live in the present…not constantly, Kanesha, but regularly! This greatly improves the quality of life!

  5. We live in this sense. The meaning of life is the life of meaning.

    If you ask what is the purpose of a person's life? – The answer is the same: the goal has already been achieved: it is life itself.

  6. The simplest answer is to be useful to other people.

    If a person is of no use, then his life is meaningless.

    It remains to decide on the question: “what will be really useful for people?”

  7. The meaning of life is in everyone's body, to become a human being! To do this, it is necessary for the Person who we really are to connect with the soul (i.e., become an Angel). But how to become this Angel is written in the fiery Bible “AllatRA”. The choice is up to each of us!

  8. Humanity exists-that's a fact. The meaning of humanity is to be “forever”, always,

    and to do this, we need to develop science, economy, culture, etc., etc. It doesn't mean ,

    that humanity will always be there, but we must strive for it with all our might, is the goal of humanity.

    There is a country, territory, region , city, village, or separate farmstead. Meaning of a country, region, or region,

    cities, villages, hamlets – to be forever, always… and to do this, you need to be able to protect the country, the region,

    make the city economically strong and culturally attractive – develop the economy,

    culture, – the best that is in this place, and if there is nothing, – create this best. The village,

    khutor – make it economically strong and culturally attractive for many people.

    Strive to make the country, region, region, city, village, hamlet at least the best in the world,

    no less. This does not mean that the country, territory, region, city, village, or hamlet will always be there,

    but we must strive for this with all our might, this is the goal.And then money will finally begin to play its real role,

    • a means to achieve a higher goal, and the person will become the master, not the slave of money.

    The person “You” are is a fact. The meaning of a person is to be forever, always in your offspring, “genes”,

    You will be “forever”, always, in your affairs (develop science, economy, art, etc.),

    in your thoughts(Your thoughts will help the other, the other and the other), thoughts,

    (a randomly thrown word that someone else needs at that moment…). This is THE GOAL.

  9. The question itself is incorrect. Life is a gift, random or special. It has value in itself, but the concept of meaning does not apply to it. Just imagine: a student is preparing for an exam, loaded up to his ears, there is no time to look back. And then suddenly an announcement – the exam is postponed for a week. That's all. For some reason, he has an extra week off. How he spends it, wakes up, oversleeps or better prepared – he is free to decide for himself. The main thing is that he has it, it is suddenly given time and how to use it – this is another question. What is the meaning of this unexpected gift of life? Nothing, the very fact of its existence and the sea of opportunities associated with this fact are important. You want to get ready, you want to go for a walk. Ahead in any case will be an indispensable, though not too joyful event)) Only who told you that this is one exam, and not a whole session)))

  10. The meaning of life is in development. Everything is developing (becoming more complicated). Simple elements combine to form more complex ones. Simple concepts turn, with development, into complex high-level theorems. Society, with each subsequent generation complicates (co-improves) your organization. Children with each generation learn and base their knowledge on the achievements of previous generations. Everything evolves from simple to complex, comfortable and perfect. It is a law of nature-the pursuit of perfection (ideal comfort). Another question is, what is the outcome of development? What's the point of all this? For what?

  11. The meaning of a person's life is to become better every day than you were yesterday. Only this approach makes a person a person who can take responsibility for his life and for his achievements in it, create his own life himself, and not wait for someone else to do something. And if a person does not take care of himself, life always organizes a “fun life” for him in the form of continuous difficulties and obstacles for training

  12. The most important thing in life is that a person should create a family meaning in the continuation of his kind and this means to raise bring up so that he is not ashamed of his children who did not do this in life then his life is meaningless .

  13. The meaning of a person's life lies in the fulfillment of their destiny. And our abilities, skills, vocation, and talent indicate our goals. Lord God

  14. Life lived with meaning gives the spirit of a person-the highest, of all existing positive (but short — term)-material-monetary-carnal, worldly carnal feelings, a sense of pleasure.

    But the enjoyment of living within the framework of meaning-the main meaning, of all the Universal meanings that exist-the primary and mysterious-gives the spirit, and, consequently, the life of this spirit carrier — a constant (and progressing in the direction of unspeakable benefits — carefully arranged by God) feeling, endless under the caring hand of the Creator — blissful, (constant) satisfaction.

    So what is the mysterious meaning of human life? Is there a clear definition of it expressed in words? — perhaps you were wondering?

    The meaning of human life is contained in the progressive development of consciousness (i.e., spirit), from the vain — chaotic, i.e., from the material-monetary-carnal (i.e., evil-bearing), i.e., from the old — Adam (who does not listen to the primary Truth) and always falling (i.e., sinning-vicious), and thereby, corruptible, i.e., temporary, i.e., earthly — mortal; from man (only within the framework of the age, living) not perfect, and therefore, for everything (in the Truth of Good) — evil and harmful, in a balanced-regulated consciousness, Angelically spiritually developed — heavenly; from evil (earthly) material-monetary-carnal values (in desires, in thoughts and in deeds), that is, from sin and death — Resurrected, and, consequently, in Truth and Truth renewed — new, thereby — pure (Harmonious), eternally living, i.e. in contrast to a person (with a brow, living for a century) — human (i.e. with a brow, i.e. with a forehead, brains, mind, consciousness, spirit — eternal), and therefore — perfect, and, consequently (pure, from all forms and manifestations of evil) — Holy, in the Arms and Chambers of the King of the Universal World — ripe.

    Quote from the book: “Under the caring hand of the Creator”.

    • On the first (lower) floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to breathe, drink, eat, and fuck.

    • On the second floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to satisfy one's need for security. You live as long as you care about your own safety – and that's what you live for. The main motivator of the chekists-in general and their maniacal desire for power-in particular.

    • On the third floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to belong to a collective and to own more than just the bodies of sexual partners.

    • On the fourth floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to satisfy one's ESV (Sense of Self-Importance), to fight for a place in the social hierarchy, including the intellectual hierarchy.

    • On the fifth floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to strive for knowledge.

    • On the sixth floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to satisfy one's aesthetic needs. The middle-class floor, as Vovan Vovanych – the poet defines it, ” make me beautiful!”.

    • On the seventh floor of Maslow's pyramid of needs, to exist means to satisfy one's need for self-actualization. Up to this floor, we don't care which pui from the hillock made us or why. And here, we want to reach our full potential. It doesn't hurt to get to know yourself first.

    What does all this have to do with the existence of “non-sentient” or even non-living matter? Actually, subjectively, we are the measure of everything. And in maraz… in Marxism-Leninism, the measure of everything in general is our incorrect feelings, which determine the materiality and existence of everything around us.
    But there is also the theory of the observer – with the light hand of Albert Einstein migrated from Machism to physics. There, a reasonable observer is very, very important. There, its subjective importance grows into an objective one.

    You've come to the only restaurant in town. The croupier is a crook. But there are no other establishments. Your job is to sit in the heat until all the chips are drained…

    Those who want to appropriate your chips, bodies and “souls” will convince you that they represent exactly the coder who wrote all the bots here, and you are a simple bot, so… So-I don't care! You don't care about the goals of the person who wrote you, just as he doesn't care about you.

  15. “The only meaning of one's life is to cultivate one's immortal foundation. All other forms of activity are meaningless in their essence, due to the inevitability of death.”
    L. N. Tolstoy.

    This is the best thing I've ever heard about the meaning of life.
    But to understand this formulation, you still need at least the simplest idea of the nature of being and how we relate to our own environment, of which we are an integral part.

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