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  1. Humanity is created by Nature and is part of Nature.

    The meaning of humanity depends on the view of Nature – there are two options –

    1. Man is the Navel of the earth and the King of nature.
    2. Man is a tool for the development of Nature.

    The earth can't stand only the environmentally ugly / unhealthy behavior of humanity – that's the whole problem-but this problem is very easily solved by proven methods.

  2. Nature created man to make it more fun for her to play a game called Cognition of Nature. Another version of the same answer: God created man to make it more fun for him to play a game called Knowing God. Conclusion: the meaning of humanity is to find answers to the questions that Nature (God, if you like it better) puts before a person, which is what we do as representatives of humanity, from birth to the end of our lives. Otherwise, there would be no Q. For example, what is not the question: will the Earth survive so much life on the planet?

  3. We must not forget that humanity is a part of Life in general. And Life in general is a form of development of matter in general. Therefore, the meaning of humanity is connected with the meaning of Life in general. Life in general, most likely exists not only on Earth, but also in other parts of the universe. Most likely, Life in general exists forever, as well as the universe. Earth will survive any amount of Life on the planet. But some forms of life will not survive the competition and changing conditions on Earth. Some ancient life forms have experienced much more catastrophic conditions, with up to 95% of living things dying out. This is a significant cold snap or overheating on Earth, or terrible radiation, chemical poisoning, etc. So some microbes will survive a lot. However, when in 1 billion years the Sun explodes and all life on Earth dies, then only the exit of humanity into Space and the settlement of other planets will save Earth's Life in general. But this will not be life on Earth. Although, perhaps humanity will learn to move the Earth to any distance from the Sun and get other sources of energy instead of the Sun. It is in this preservation of Life in general that the meaning and mission of humanity lies.

  4. Ek gets you down… and immediately to simple mercantilism, to put it mildly. Offended or something?

    But we will have to react, according to Newton's law, “the force of action does not exist without counteraction”, from the law of conservation, in short.

    Man in relation to nature (not only the earth) is its richness, the sensual richness of life, acquired by human relations, and not from the animal syndrome of hunger and fear. That's the first thing.

    Secondly, you may have also heard about self-organization and self-regulation in nature. Start with that, and don't use your stinger, as the people say.

  5. Why won't it hold? It holds up.

    By the standards of modern civilization, the Earth is still half-empty: The southern hemisphere is almost uninhabited. Brazil, for example: the productivity of the ecosystem in equatorial Brazil is higher than in tropical monsoon India, and the population is several times smaller with almost three times the area. That is, if the Indian population area in Brazil would fit all the population of modern India and China-in addition to the Brazilians themselves.

    In Argentina, an area comparable to that of Western Europe, the entire population of the European Union would fit in at a population density similar to that of the Benelux. In Australia, with the same population density as in the continental United States, the entire population of the United States is represented… And in Africa, with a population density like in India-in general, all modern humanity.

    As for the “meaning”, it depends from whose point of view. If we consider humanity as a part of the Earth's biosphere, then its function is to take it out of the planet, to take root in the outer universe. If from the point of view of the planet Earth-perhaps the task of humanity is to close the carbon and oxygen biocycles, returning huge masses of coal to biological circulation, which lay down as a dead weight in the Earth's crust in the form of hydrocarbons, resulting in a gradual cooling of the Earth. From the point of view of the universe, the task of humanity is to create not an earthly, but a global civilization.

    There are enough meanings.

  6. If we consider life as the result of a reasonable plan, then the amount of life planned was reasonable.

    This conclusion can be drawn from the words ” be fruitful and multiply, and fill the earth.” Since death was only a hypothetical scenario in the beginning, the word “fill up” seems to me to directly indicate the planned reasonable size of the world's population.

    So, the meaning of humanity is to be indigenous to the planet in a certain amount, to love and take care of it forever.

    Of course, you can also fantasize about settling on other planets, but nothing is said about this.

  7. From time immemorial since the appearance of nations, in every nation there are angels and devils, angels bring good to the Earth, and devils destroy everything made by the angel… That's how we live..

  8. The question is partly incorrect, partly rhetorical, implying ready-made ideological conceptual, philosophical answers! And in one of the answers slipped “make the world a better place”! What do you mean better?! Fix the orbits of all the planets in the Solar system to perfect circles?! And what is “not quite good”?! Relations between people are not exactly good; and in Nature itself, no one complains about imperfection; everything is just as it should be! So the only thing that needs to be improved is people's relationships with each other! So all we have to do is stop being filthy-that's the whole story! And what does the “meaning of humanity” have to do with it; how can the meaning depend on the fact that we are trash, scum! And then we smoothly approached the need to say at least something “about the meaning” – and there is no point!!! That is, there is almost as much meaning as there is in the existence of matter; matter simply exists without any pretensions to meaning; and we are just a form of the existence of matter! Another thing is if people want to give meaning to their existence through creation, the creation of something grandiose, majestic, so that then you can be proud of yourself even if you are doomed to extinction at the end of the next cycle of the existence of the Universe ( matter) – then who forbids you?! Who doesn't give it to you (except yourself)?! Nature, Matter, has given you a magical gift, a chance to exist for a certain historical period in the form of intelligent life – so be worthy of this gift of the Gods; live beautifully! The planet Earth still has a lot of underutilized reserves; the first of which should be called deserts that should be returned to the number of fertile lands; it is also necessary to develop the oceans; build settlements on the water and use a lot of hydroponics; stop barbarically destroying marine life and grow the necessary commercial species! And in the foreseeable future, when the signs of hunger really begin – we need to stop gorging and getting fat like pigs (and destroy food in such monstrous quantities as we do today – and feed it to pigs and fish) – then there will still be enough food for three generations, during which humanity will come up with something! And more… do you know that sellers of vegetables and fruits reject half of their products because they do not meet their “aesthetic” ideas; that is, cucumbers, apples, tomatoes, cabbage heads, cauliflower, bananas – and almost everything else, even fish are rejected and often destroyed – for “imperfection of shape”; that is, if the tomato is not smooth and with folds – it is doomed! First stop this mess and then talk about the global food crisis!

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