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  1. In general, it is worth noting that the meaning of the phrase “the meaning of life” is determined by everyone for himself. In philosophy, perhaps the most significant point of view on this issue is the point of view of existentialists, but I propose to briefly consider the absurdists. Absurdists believed that life is meaningless, you need to live and breathe deeply at this moment. Some of them believed in predestination (not necessarily divine) and asked the question: why live if everything is already decided for us?

    I will say for myself that the meaning of life is what fills us morally and spiritually, what is the cause of inner harmony. Something without which we are not able to experience positive emotions. But, perhaps, breaking out of the vicious circle of searching for meaning, a person finds real freedom.

    So, as for the difference between the meaning of life and the goal: it depends on the scale of the second. There is a goal as the meaning of life, especially for scientists, there are small ones — you set them and fulfill them, set them and fulfill them.

    I advise you, by the way, if you are asking such a question, to read a few books, they are quite simple, but they can help you: Albert Camus — “The Outsider”, “The Plague”, “The Rebellious Man”, “The Myths of Sisyphus”; Knut Hamsun – “Hunger”.

  2. The meaning of life (theoretical worldview) depends on the level of human development –

    1) if a person knows very little and knows how to survive and tries to survive, then the meaning of life is “first you just need to survive elementary, this is both the meaning and the goal “(mass phenomenon),

    2) if a person knows a lot and knows how to do it and is very well provided for, then they approach the topic scientifically-they are looking for optimal ways to get and implement optimal answers (a rare phenomenon)

    Goals in life are practical aspirations of a person.

  3. A wise man, back in the last century, asked the same question. What is the common denominator of all life? What is the meaning of it? I.e. the main short exact idea. understandable to everyone, it should be the common denominator of life.

    He searched for it for several years, but still found it, and shared it with us.

    The common denominator of the life of all living things is the command:”SURVIVE!” That's the whole meaning of life as a whole., even if each individual living unit, even if the whole planet with all the living and living things on it.

    The most important rational goal in life for each person and for humanity as a whole IS to SURVIVE, and not only for people, but also for all living nature, the entire animal and bird world, because they are also part of the overall life of this planet.

    Each species will have its own goals in life, and they are united by the common denominator ” SURVIVE!”, but they will still be smaller in size, For example, to marry, have children and make them successful. People will spend half their lives doing this and get a lot of different emotions while they reach the goal, but when the time comes for them to win – the success of accomplished adult children, it will be happiness for them and for the country in which they achieved their positive goal. Happiness is the moment of achieving a goal, both small and large.

    There are living things that pursue destructive goals.

    How can we spot them? Let's ask ourselves the question: “How will their goal help families, the school or organization in which we are located, the city, the country, the planet survive? We will calculate everything well. If it becomes clear that there will be more destruction than good as a result of fulfilling that goal, then it is destructive, and it must be resisted, stopped and banned in every possible way. And this struggle will be a new intelligent goal against evil, violence, crime for intelligent beings, which, I hope, we also belong to.

  4. The meaning of life is death, why? Check it out for yourself. Before writing my answer, I read all the answers left before me, so friendly, written so as not to offend anyone, I already wanted to throw up.. a rainbow, of course. As a result, I considered everything I read nonsense, if you don't agree with me, you can do the same.

    The difference between goals and meaning is that a person sets a goal for himself, decides what not to go to. The meaning, however, was, is, and will be no matter how much the absurd creation of nature(man, if anyone did not understand) wants it.

    I will give food for thought to those who, in response to a question about the meaning of life, cites bilia(or something similar). Suddenly, God himself has no idea why it is needed and who created it, and in order to find the answer, he created people, began to see what you will come to. After seeing the result, he went away satisfied somewhere on his own business, and put it on people, and that's all, people live without the meaning of their own existence, and invent a certain meaning for themselves.

  5. The answer is very simple: a person must live his life in such a way as not to harm himself and ensure the life of subsequent generations for many centuries, not only for humanity, but for the entire living world.

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