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  1. “What is the meaning of life?” is a philosophical question. The answer to this question must be sought in yourself, since there is no single answer for all people. Here's some information to think about:

    1. The meaning of life is living your role – you are a parent, child, friend, student, teacher, etc. Living life roles, you get your own experience and knowledge.
    2. The meaning of life is to help other people. You use your experience to help other people, whether in your profession or hobby.
    3. The meaning of life is to make the world a better place. To do this, you have what you were given from birth (vocation. purpose) and you have the right to dispose of it in your own way.
    4. The meaning of life is to learn and develop.

    About your condition.

    The reasons for your condition can be many, I will list just a few of them:

    • Emptiness inside, lack of “taste of life”and excitement in business can appear when a person stops developing and “sticks” on what has been achieved. For example, there is a monetary but boring and unpromising job. Leaving it in the unknown is scary because of the loss of stability, but continuing to work is boring. To get joy, inspiration and financial return from your work, you need to find something that you like.
    • Aged (approx.) 15; 25 and 40 years old, there is a change in life values. This process takes place at the level of the subconscious and is usually not immediately recognized by the person. In this transition pause, a state of crisis may arise, which creates a sense of meaninglessness of what is happening, inner emptiness and lack of taste for life. To regain fullness of life, you need to go through a crisis and come out of it realizing a new quality of yourself.

    To solve the problem of inner emptiness, lack of taste in life, etc., you should contact a psychologist. These problems are successfully solved by psychological methods.

  2. The meaning of life is LIFE itself. Find the taste. Create excitement. And if not, then just – “seal”. But that also makes sense. Add emotion to everything ! Live !

  3. Hello! From the Vedic point of view, the meaning of life is in rasa. The Sanskrit word rasa can be translated as moisture, taste. The 16th-century saint Sri Rupa Goswami defines rasa as the taste that one feels in one's heart, born in relationships and motivated to do all the things one does.

    Race is always there because there is always its source-the ideal object, which is also the Absolute. But depending on the development of consciousness, this race is perceived with varying degrees of completeness. According to the Bhagavad Gita, consciousness goes through five stages of development:

    1) The first is Anna-may, the word anna means food. The essence of this consciousness is the idea of life-I eat so I live! At this level, rasa is perceived as the taste of food. In fact, a person eats not because of the idea of needing minerals, vitamins or protein, fats and carbohydrates, but because of the taste.

    2) The second is prana-may, prana means the energy of life. The essence of this consciousness is a movement that requires prana. That is I can move and therefore live! At this stage of consciousness development, the joy of movement in all its variety is added to the six tastes of food. Especially in dance.

    3) The third is mana-maya, mana means mind. The essence of this consciousness is thought. I think means I live! The mind generates a whole range of emotions. The Vedic drama school is based on the concept of race or emotional taste. There are five main races: appeasement, loyalty, friendship, parental care and tenderness, and finally romantic attraction. They are divided into seven additional races: laughter, surprise, valor, regret, anger, fear, and disgust. The goal of theatrical art is to convey the whole gamut of races through melody, rhythm, and words. gestures and dance. Thus, at this level of consciousness development, we get a dawn in the perception of race. But this is not the pinnacle of the race.

    4) The fourth-vigyana-may, vigyana means practical experience in the perception or experience of such spiritual truths as for example: “I am an eternal and wholly spiritual being, “” God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and All-merciful.” It is a level of consciousness that has transcended the limitations of matter and has reached its original purity. At this level of consciousness, the individual is aware of the perfection of the world, he sees the highest justice in everything that happens and therefore does not experience any worries. The essence of this consciousness is awareness – ” I am always there! And the whole world is my well-wisher!”

    5) Fifth – ananda-may, ananda means the happiness of love. The essence of this consciousness is that I love and live! Love in a fully unfolded consciousness for an ideal object gives an experience of all the depth, the palette of the race. And since its object is the infinite Absolute Itself, which lives only in an infinitely diverse game, this race does not have the limitations that a person faces in his relations and experiences of the race at the third level of consciousness development.

    That is, the true object of the heart's search is ideal and eternal, which is why the feeling that it creates overcomes everything and everything. And it is impossible to replace the thirst for this race with its shadow, which the individual meets at the human level of consciousness development.

  4. The point is to live, not to exist. Do your favorite things. It is important.

    Set yourself long-term goals and, if possible, take steps to achieve them every day.

    I recommend reading Streleka's books.

  5. Tim, there are two options. You have reached a plateau where you have everything you wanted and no new goals yet. And this emptiness is harmony. And the second option: there is no goal and for the goals that you are moving towards, and you need to choose them in time, and the void will disappear. And about the meaning of life: everyone has his own, but someone just doesn't have it, lives in one day

  6. To do good, to fight evil, to develop closer to God, to improve the world. That's when you live by this principle, then everything is fine, but material well-being is absolutely unimportant.

  7. In your life,for sure, there are beloved people who love you.Pay attention to them,you should even be happy that every day presents some opportunities, learn to see it, more often do your favorite things, hobbies.You can even try to find a job that you like and turn it into a hobby

  8. You are going the wrong way and looking for meaning in the wrong place. You think like teenagers. The meaning of life is not in running around, not in pleasure, not that everything is good. Not in the comfortable life of the children of rich parents. Search and find

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