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  1. Depends on whose one. )

    Meaning is a purely human concept. It doesn't matter the meaning of life, the meaning of words, actions, or anything else.

    Therefore, only the person himself can invest it. Fill it with it. If you didn't invest it, it doesn't make sense. If you didn't fill it out, it's empty.

  2. Each person has a choice of their own life and this is very good, and the rest depends on them. Personally, I chose my own path and this path corresponds to the second part of the question. That is: “Self-improvement in uniting with the world and the universe and becoming a conscious part of it. My choice – – – is my path in my life. This is my meaning of life!!! With respect.

  3. Man has two forms of life within him.

    1. Life of an organism (biological form). Soul

    2. Life is informational (conscious). Spirit.

    Each life form has its own goals and objectives.

    The 1st goal is to rewrite your code and be born in a new body. live forever. This is a veiled form, it already knows and knows how to live forever.

    The second goal is to find the opportunity to live forever, but it has not yet been found, and this form of life is now in search, we see this as the development of humanity, scientific and technological development, computerization, and so on. It is an incomplete form of life.

  4. In order to understand the meaning of human life, it is necessary to understand the purpose of God's creation of this world. God revealed this to Moses, and it is written in the first chapter of the Book of Moses, but this chapter was not included in the Bible, due to the efforts of Satan. And the book of Genesis begins with the words about the order in which God created this world. Also omitted is the chapter on how Lucifer became diyavl. It is also omitted that this world was originally created by God SPIRITUALLY, and later made so that the world became material for us. So in the first chapter of the book of Moses there are words of God explaining the purpose of creation of the world. “For, behold, this is my work and my glory , to bring about the immortality and eternal Life of man.” Since we are all children of God, we must become what God himself is. “And I was once a man on earth, and you will one day become Gods in heaven.” Man is a rudimentary God. If we have no offspring, we have no kingdom in heaven that belongs to us, but because we have ancestors, there is also a kingdom in heaven that belongs to us. And this kingdom extends to Adam and to God. For this reason, God promised Abraham a seed as innumerable as the sand of the sea, and we see how everything is fulfilled with God.

  5. Do good, fight evil, develop yourself and improve the world. The birth and upbringing of a good person is a good contribution to the meaning of life. There is no need to unite with the world, we are already reasonable parts of it. Ideally, develop to the level of the Creator.

  6. Man is simply an animal that has evolved to become conscious. Do not overestimate the importance of man as an individual and as a species, because neither of them has a “MEANING OF LIFE”, but it is difficult for a person with his consciousness to accept that he is essentially nobody, “just a fly flew in the window for a moment”, as Omar Khayyam wrote. So look not for MEANING, but for meaning, small and personal. Family, work, self-development, hobbies, even any nonsense like “serving God” and “living here by the rules for the sake of eternal life there” will do. Anything that will make you forget for a second about the harsh and inescapable truth-a person is just a very intelligent animal that is born and dies like an animal, and life has no meaning, it just exists, it's amazing, but you don't need to justify or explain it with something.

    As for procreation, this goal could satisfy a pure animal, but a person is burdened with consciousness, and in a society it is impossible to reproduce continuously (and a person can do this not seasonally, but constantly).

    P.S. I throw off a picture of the meaning of life in Japanese, I really like it, take a closer look.

  7. Meaning is secondary to life. I'm not sure that anyone lives fundamentally based on any meaning whatsoever. Think of Nietzsche, who lived the last years of his life in a way that was not entirely meaningful. Such questions arise rather as the goal of our existence, which we, as individuals of a social society, are very concerned about. But definitely, semantic formulas have an impact on a person's life. So it is better to define not the meaning, but the life of a person, as a way to realize their capabilities as a living being, in social, spiritual and physical terms. Life is a unique opportunity to live, only we decide when and how to squeeze it into the framework of any meaning.

  8. A human is a parasite that lives on the body of the planet earth.
    Like any parasite, a person is able to adapt to changing conditions…
    I will be told: “man is endowed with reason, he is able to create.”..
    I will answer: (for example) the evolution of the engine;
    Any engine from a steam engine to a jet engine was designed by humans to move payload from point ” a “to point “b”, but how much fuel does it burn? How much oxygen is destroyed?
    Humanity has come close to the border of an ecological catastrophe!
    What's behind it? It may be necessary for a person to adapt to the changed living conditions…
    Only, will it be a human being?

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