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  1. Money is the equivalent of the value of all goods that most people trust. At the same time, the value refers to the labor and minerals embodied in the product.

  2. The meaning of money is freedom of choice, if available. If I have enough money, I can choose whether to treat my child in my clinic or in Israel. Relax in Anapa or the Maldives. There is a sausage for 200 rubles. or for 1200 rubles. No money, no choice. And the silence of the famous ones is just hypocrisy.

  3. to buy something that is not being bought and sell something that is not being sold stands for something like this: buy something that is not being bought ( money can buy everything from grain to a huge building and even a person ), and sell something that is not being sold ( if you want to, you can sell everything the main thing is to find a buyer ) . I believe this is the correct answer to this philosophical question.

  4. To facilitate the exchange of goods and services. Previously (very much earlier) they paid for everything or much with grain or livestock, or even with their own manufactured goods. Suppose a blacksmith comes to a farmer to buy food and offers nails and knives, the farmer needs nails, but he has knives, so he will not give as much food as the blacksmith needs. And money is a kind of universal measure of the value of things and labor spent on the product of them. Now the blacksmith can sell nails to one person, knives to another, and give money to the farmer to buy as much food as he needs.

  5. Development of the idea of division of labor. It is not as convenient to exchange the product “x” for the service “y” as it is to use the conditional (i.e., contractual, situational) equivalent of the value of goods and services/works-money. At the same time, money should not be considered as a static concept, but rather keep in mind that it is in the process of its own evolution. Until a few decades ago, the concept of “gold standard“was relevant. Right now, we are seeing cash being replaced by non-cash; we are increasingly hearing about cryptocurrencies.

  6. Money is the very meaning. Money is God's Grace. The more money you have, the more God loves you. And you must love God (regardless of religion). Then there will be a lot of money. Amen to that!

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