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  1. As corny as it may sound, not all works of art have a “great meaning”. It's not Malik's best film in terms of direction, but it's valuable as an experiment. The purpose of the film is to convey exactly the mood, to tell the story, without making up any storyline at all. If, after watching it, you try to tell the events in chronological order, you will hardly succeed, although in principle, in your head, you have made up the life story of the hero Bail. It seemed to me that Malik's goal was to create a kind of analog of “In Search of Lost Time”, only in the form of a movie, and he also used the flow of consciousness technique, like Joyce – it's interesting to watch, although not easy.

    It's very cool that so many Hollywood stars were involved in such a strange film, otherwise the film would have missed the audience altogether.�
    But for me personally, this film is most valuable because of Lubezki's cinematography. This is probably the most beautiful and unusual film in terms of picture and soundtrack in recent years. Just look at this -�

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