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  1. Translation difficulties… Distorted and misrepresented. “This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immutable object” – this is how this phrase sounds in the original. The Joker probably didn't want to call himself a “stationary object”, so I would have preferred the “insurmountable obstacle”option. Immutable is rarely used in the sense of “static”, rather “immutable”. If it's “motionless”, then the word “motionless”is more suitable.�

    My advice: learn English and watch movies in the original. This helps to avoid quite frequent inaccuracies and notes of unprofessionalism.

  2. An almost similar phrase is found in the superman comic book Supernova Superman. In the comic, the man of steel is asked the question: “What happens when an irresistible force collides with a completely stationary object?”. Superman didn't hesitate to answer:”.. They will unite.”

  3. This is a reference to the”Force Majeure” paradox

    What happens if a person who has an irresistible force meets a stone that cannot be moved?

    One answer to this paradox is that if there is an irresistible force, then by definition there is no object that cannot be moved; conversely, if there is an object that cannot be moved, then no force can be considered insurmountable.�

    There is also a similar paradox of “Omnipotence”, which is usually formulated in the form of the question: “Can God create a stone that he himself cannot lift?” The paradox is that if he succeeds, then his omnipotence has lost its power, and if not, then he was not omnipotent.

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